Elemental Powers

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It was a cold, rainy October day in the large bustling city of London. Holly Mono, age 12, was waiting patiently outside her favorite London café, Poetry Corner, for her friends, Melissa and Jami. They were getting her a couple scones and a cup of hot tea. Suddenly, she saw her science teacher, Mr. White, standing a few feet away. She had noticed that he was everywhere she was lately, because of that, she became frightened.

At first she had thought it to be a coincidence, but then she noticed, a few weeks back, that he had somehow put a tracking device on her hat(which she no longer wore) and it had fallen into her hair, then into her scalp. The way she figured, it would seep through her flesh, and attach to her skull! She didn't like the sound of that! At all!

Since she had started at The Academy of Excellence in London, a school for excelling pupils, her teachers all seem to look at her in either a threatening manner, or like she had all the power in the world. Most with disgust and hatred mixed in. Jami and Marissa walked over to her and handed her the cup of hot tea and two scones. Abruptly as her fear subsided, so did the wind. Her friends hadn't noticed, but she had.

She was confused, then it was almost as if it had stop raining, but it hadn't. It slid right off Holly, she didn't even feel it. That's when it dawned on her I've never felt rain, or water at all. When she finished her tea and scones, she told her friends she would she them back at school.

She decided to head to a nearby park. When she got there it was completely abandoned. She ran childishly to the swing set she used to play on as a kid. She positioned herself to get a kick-start. As she climbed higher and higher into the air she had noticed, there was no rain ever in this part of town, yet the trees were full of luscious, bright green leaves that swaying in a breeze that wasn't there. The lovely and brilliantly colored plants were scattered all around the vacant, old play area.

She beamed at the sight and thought of her last time here with her parents.

"Holly," her father urgently said, "You have amazing magic in your blood, from both your mother, and I." He said as he picked up the smiling five-year-old Holly.

"This is my gift," she said to herself. "I can control wind, earth, and water, Dad said he could control fire…" she muttered beneath her breath. That's when she realized something. Mr. White was there. In the park.

At that moment she decided she had to get out of there now. She thought to herself I have a feeling this is going to be very interesting. Luckily she was the fastest on the junior high division's track team. She slowed the swing and brought it to ground level, she went to the field attached to the park and pretended as though she were practicing for an up-coming meet. She got into a sprint position then took off. She flew down the length of the field with ever-lasting speed and grace. She ran like a puma after its prey, fast and silent, not loud and nosiy.

She did this five more times; luckily no one else was around. After the fifth lap she decided to take a rest. She walked over to a nearby fountain, she gulped down eight mouthfuls of the water to soothe her burning throat.

She looked around to find Mr. White on the other side of the track part of the field. She, then and there, met Crystal, another so-called "elemental fairy", who told her, "Holly, I'm Crystal, and that my friend," she pointed to Mr. White, "is a hunter." Crystal finished. "Oh joy," Holly sighed, "That's why he's tailing me…" she trailed of exasperated.

"Exactly, Holly, hunters are placed all over the earth. Their one purpose: to capture and steal each elemental fairy's powers." Crystal explained to Holly. "He is in charge of tracking you for his leader, whoever it is, and take your powers to manipulate fire, wind, water, and earth, the strong forces which protect us and keep us alive." Finished Crystal.

"The only way to get rid of them is to; somehow, get them near, about five feet, from chlorine or bleach." Crystal answered after Holly asked how to get rid of them without losing her powers. "We're doing a segment in science about what happens when you mix those two with food die, hair die, and paint." Holly thought aloud.

After that Holly had left with her battle strategy. The next morning in third period science the battle had commenced. Holly had asked Mr. White to come help with identifying which was which. Step one: Check she thought. She picked up the chlorine and "accidentally" spilled some on his arm. Mission: Accomplished she thought this time. He blanked pout for a minute, then snapped back to his senses.

Holly knew one thing for sure; he forgot everything… he won't be after me or my powers. After that she never saw him outside of the school ever again.

The End