The axe man cometh! I'm just a normal business man, taking a stroll, la di da da. The axe man has materialized, unsuspecting woman! My expensive suit, take a gander; black and proper, with a magnificent tie to match. The axe man comes, beneath his person lies his weapon, his tool! This woman's pretty fucking hot. Wide hipped and curved, I can see her breasts from back here. The axe man, look at him go, that crazy motherfucker, somebody stop him, please, anyone! I'm not a bad person. She's just a beautiful woman. I like her, I'll court her. I'm a nice person. The axe man, goodness, God help us all! She has to properly feel what I feelā€¦this strangeā€¦impulse. The axe man, his appendages, they move beneath his cloth, it's almost too late, woman! Everyone will see me, and they'll make quick realizations. I am powerful, I will rule over everything. The axe man, an unworldly fiend, won't anybody stop this madness? Any second now, she's just a few feet away. What a beautiful, swaying woman. The axe man cometh, gaining power, arbiter of destruction, oh no, please, somebody, please, I can't take this anymore, please, please, someone, please, sniffle, please stop him! I smile widely. This is wonderful! The axe man cometh, and cuts, and chops, and her torso is torn, her heart beating, exposed, face contorted by unbearable pain, on a windy city street, under the peering eyes of a perverted skyscraper, her blood is his now! A sheering wave of dark crimson, a whirlwind of fluid and red substance, the axe man rises with her virgin blood! Yes, this is a good feeling. I feel good. I feel God. I am God.

The axe man has come. Good luck, humanity.