I turned my the radio down as I turned into the student parking lot. It was Monday and it was raining, wonderful. I parked, grabbed my red hoodie from the pasenger seat and headed toward the art room for first period.

I walked in 5 minutes early and saw Tiara, my best friend, sitting at our table staring out the window. "Hey Bubbles, something out there got your attention?" I asked sitting across from her. She pointed, "Scot" I rolled my eyes "I should have guessed." She giggled and hit my arm.

Tiara is the most steriotypical, boy crazy sixteen year old girl you will ever meet. She has a new crush pretty much every week and her current love intrest was Scot Rokell. "Do you think he likes me, Shay?" she asked. "If you grew a pair of ldy balls and talked to him, I'm sure he would love you." her whole face lit up "You really think so? Maybe I should talk to him..." She was cut off by a loud scream "You what!" I sighed, I would know that scream anywhere.

Lulu, one of my other best friends, threw the art room door open. She had tears in her eyes. Tiara jumped up and ran to hug her. Lulu's a drama queen, but I love her. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I asked Jeremia why he hasn't asked me to prom yet!" Jeremia was Lulu's boyfreind and lately she's been woried that he dosn't like her anymore. "What did he say!" Tiara asked, Lulu teared up again "He's taking Savanah!" Tiara's mouth fell open "He what!" They were both obviously pissed. "Did you ask him why?" I said. They glared at me "Why should I? I never want to speak to him again" I nodded "Yeah, but what if he had a good reason, don't you think you should at least give him a chance to explain himself?"

She stared at me for a second, "I guess..." The door opened and Jeremia walked in "Lulu, can we talk, please?" Tiara started to tell him to go away when Lulu stopped her "Yeah," she walked out the door and Jeremia followed her. Tiara stared after them "I can't believe she took your advice" I laughed "Gee thanks Tia" "No, I didn' mean it like that! I just-" "I know what you meant" I went back to our table and grabbed my phone from my bag. Tiara followed "So, Shay, what are you doing after school? Wanna go shopping with me in Willits?" I shake my head "Can't today, I'm going to Santa Rosa to pick stuff up for my mom. You can come if you want" She made a face "Pass, I'll see if Lulu wants to go"

AUTHORS NOTE: First chapter fails I know. It will get better I promise please REVIEW