After I left the coffee shop I walked to my car, and called Tiara. she answered on the first ring, "What took you so long?" She yelled. "I was in a coffee shop," I started to explain. "Where Michael works? You couldn't have just called me from there?" I shook my head, even though she couldn't see me "There was this guy, I'll tell you about it later, whats the emergency?" She was silent for a second, "Tyler... and Katy are going out!" I rolled my eyes, Tyler was Tiara's ex-boyfriend, they've dated and broken up like thirteen times over the past three years. She's never really gotten over him, but thats understandable because they have a long history. The last time they dated was this summer, and it ended with Tiara losing her virginity to him.

She sounded really upset. "Why are you so upset? He's an ass. He has a new girlfriend every week." I said. "Well, Shay... it's just that... I don't know! It's just different this time." "How is it different?" I asked her "I thought you were over him." There was a moment of silence, then she said "Yeah, so did I, can you come over tonight? We have to talk." I checked the time, 7:30. "Sure, why not, want me to spend the night?" "Yes!" I smiled at the change in her voice,nothing cheered Bubbles up like asleep over. "I'll be there in half an hour" I promised

A half hour later I was pulling up in front of Tiara's lives in a big,three story house with her mom, dad, and 8 year old sister Rebecca. Before I even knocked on the door, it opened and Becca ran at me. "Shay!" She gave me a huge hug and drgged me into the house. "Sissy, Shay's here!" she called. I heard a loud noise then Lilly, Tiara's dog, ran down the stairs dragging Tiara behind her. I ran to grab Lilly's leash so Tiara could get up "Devil dog" she muttered. I laughed "Hi Bubbles," "HI!" she hugged me "Lets go upstairs, where Becca can't bug us"

I followed her up the stairs, she had thewhole top floor of the house to herself. Her own bathroom, a huge bedroom, and a smaller bedroom that she had turned into her own art studio. We went into her room and shut the door. The room was decorated with bright colors, purple, bright blue, neon green,and hot pink.

I set down my bag and sat on the bed, she sat in a pink bean bag chair and stared at me. "So are you gonna tell me?" she asked. "Tell you what?" she sighed "About the guy? In the coffee shop?" she said. "Oh... that" I told her the whole story. When I finished she jumped up "You have to call him!" I shook my head "I don't know..."

She picked up my bag and grabbed my phone "If you don't call him, I will!" she threatened. I tried to grab the phone, butshe moved it out of my reach. "It's proly too late to call" I said. She rolled her eyes"It's not even nine yet" "Well he's probly busy or something, he might have a girlfriend" I said "Why would he give you his number if he has a girlfriend!" this time I rolled my eyes "He just wantedme to sing with his band, it's not like he was interested in me" She laughed "He sounded pretty interested to me" I finally grabbed my phone from her "Fine! I'll call him"

She clapped her hands "Yay!" I scrolled through my contacts and found his number. "What should I say to him?" "Just act cassual, and if you run out of things to say just say something random like 'Do you like pie? I like pie' it works every time" I laughed and pressed talk. It started ringing and I put it onspeaker so Tiara could hear, "Hello?" Tiara looked at me and mouthed 'He sounds hot' I tried not to laugh "Umm.. hey Alex? This is Shay.. from the coffee shop?"

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