"I told you, you would regret leaving Imperiosus and coming to Earth. Now you're going to have to pay." Said John Imperiosus himself.

Mark Johnson was surrounded by the government officials. They were all powerful Imperians. Government officials had the privilege of using their powers. Mark snapped his fingers, and a ball of flames ignited in each of his hands. He knew he was outnumbered, but he wasn't going to die without taking a few lives with him. He wasn't going to surrender to them and die a coward. He hurled his fire balls at two officials, immediately turning them to big piles of ashes.

"Wow, it seems that you are more powerful than people say you are. I have to admit I am very impressed. Too bad you have to be punished for your crimes; you would've made a wonderful addition to my squad of government officials." He taunted while circling Mark.

Mark summons two more fire balls and launches them at John. He dodges them, but barely.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Do you want to save your wife and precious daughter or not?"

Mark froze but didn't extinguish his hands.

"That's what I thought." He laughs a cold, evil laugh before continuing. "You my friend have committed some serious crimes against our government-"

"I have not committed any crime; it is the government your family runs that has! Your family and its followers are slowly destroying Libera!" He shouts at John. His fire balls floating just above his hand get bigger as he got more angry.

John acts as if Mark never said anything and continued talking.

"As I was saying, you have committed serious crimes against our government. You must pay. But since we feel like being kind and don't want to waste Imperian blood, we are giving you the chance to save your wife and daughter. If you choose to save them, you simply have to erase your wifes memory and remove both hers and your daughter's powers. It's that easy. If you don't choose to save them then well, they will both share the same fate you do." John smiles.

Mark shakes with anger but extinguishes his flames.

"Fine, I will save my family. But if you do as much as touch one hair on my wife or daughters head you will pay. Believe it or not, I still have people loyal to me on Libera." Mark growls.

Now it was Johns turn to get angry.

"You will not disrespect your old home and call it Libera! That was its old name chosen by your old leaders. You will refer to it as Imperiosus and nothing else! You already have a very painful death coming your way; don't make it worse for yourself!" John glares at Mark.

Mark lunges at John with incredible speed, but before he can reach him he got blown away by a very powerful wind. He lands in a heap 10 feet away from John. John had a rare power of being able to control air. He could make tornadoes appear out of nowhere and destroy his enemies. Or he could also do what he just did to Mark, and summon wind to send his opponents flying. Mark gasps for air while still on the ground. Slowly, he regains his breath and stands up. He glares at John with a look full of loathing and hatred.

"Now Mark you will return to your wife and daughter at the hospital. Do whatever needs to be done to erase you wife's memory and remove both their powers. We will know if you don't and will kill them both. Tomorrow morning you must exit through the front doors of the hospital at 9:00 sharp. Not a second before or after. The portal will be opened at the exact time. You will go through it and accept your punishment for your unforgivable crimes. Do you understand?" John orders.

Mark nods.

"Wonderful! Im so glad we are on the same page. Run along now, your family awaits." He smiles another one of his evil smiles as he watches Mark leave.

Mark Johnson did return to his family that day. He was the only one able to remove powers and erase memories because he was the rightful ruler of Libera, not the Imperiosus family. John Imperiosus knew that he was the only one that could. That's why he made the deal with Mark. He knew that Marks wife, Mary, and his new born daughter, Heather, were very powerful and could be a huge threat to Imperiosus. He knew that without their powers they couldn't do anything to bring Libera back to its former glory and overthrow his family. Mark did everything John Imperisus told him to do except one thing. He gave Mary's and his own powers to Heather, and still left her with the ones she was born with. He put an enchantment on Heather so her powers wouldn't start revealing themselves until she was 17 years old, the age when children of Libera used to become citizens. He could only hope that someone still loyal to him could tell his daughter who she really was before the Imperiosus family could find her. And of course, bring down the Imperiosis family too.

Mark Johnson was murdered the very next day.