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Chapter Thirteen

Chris has never thought much about what he would do when his son started dating. Truth be told it had never once crossed his mind in all these years. Troy had never shown much interest in either sex and now to be bombarded with it was somewhat overwhelming. Not because the kid liked boys instead of girls or was interested in them. But because approaching his son's love interest and having a 'talk' with him just seemed like he was pushing the envelope a bit. He knew for a fact his own dad would have laughed at his request and told him to 'man up' and in an ideal world he would do the same to Troy. Unfortunately everything had been so, well, fucked up when it came to his son's acceptance of his own sexuality that Chris almost felt like he had to do this for him. Any chance that his son would accept himself was well worth the effort.

Or so he convinced himself as he walked over to the dinner, giving a halfhearted wave to Aiden as he approached the black-haired teen and stopped at the counter. "Hey, kiddo, turkey on wheat and a wat- you know what? Give me a Mountain Dew," he said with a smile. Hell, maybe the caffeine boost would give him the balls to actually say something to the kid.

"No problem, Mr. Reynolds." Aiden made short work of the order and handed it over on a plastic tray they generally served food orders on for eat-in customers. He gave a half hearted smile before, somewhat adorably, sucking on his upper row of teeth that gave the lower half of his face a curious look. The teen looked as if he were about to say something but was restraining himself before finally sighing when Chris went to walk away - to grow a pair and approach the kid after he had his caffeine - and asking, "How's Troy?"

Chris turned, surprised. Though why, he didn't know. Troy had told him that they had been kissing something he supposed should have annoyed him as a parent but he couldn't really find it in himself to be an ass over it. He was doing much, much worse things at sixteen then kissing. And Aiden certainly seemed like a dependable and good natured boy. Maybe a little flirty - he hadn't forgotten the way the kid had all but invited him in the back room to fuck before he'd brought Troy to work - but he was a good kid.

Sighing, he moved back to the register. "He's doing better. Troy is going through a lot right now but he's starting to accept himself whether he realizes it or not." At Aiden's nod, he sighed and dived right into it, "Listen, Aiden-"

"You don't have to day anything, Mr. Reynolds. I know I fucked up and shouldn't have put my hands on your kid. I'll quit and we can put this behind us. You don't have to call the cops or-"

"What the fuck are you talking about, kid?" the older man asked, shocked at the direction Aiden's words were going. "I don't want you to quit. Good help is hard to find and all I ask is that if you're going to see Troy then to do it in a proper fashion and not in the storage room."

The black haired teen blinked at Chris with an expression of genuine confusion covering his face. "He's not even sixteen yet. You told Maggie he wouldn't be for another two weeks. And I'm two months from being twenty." He said the statement as if he was having a hard time believing Chris was being serious.

"I'm not going to lie to you, Aiden, I wish Troy did have a thing for someone closer his own age. Not because it happens to be you but because he is so immature. But at the same time I think a boyfriend can only help him get over this self hatred mess." Setting his tray down that he had been holding like an idiot for the last few minutes, he ran a hand through his hair in frustration. "What I'm trying to say is if you want to date my son then you have my okay."


Chris approached his house later that day with something akin to dread. Lord, would he ever walk in this house and not potentially piss his son off? When he'd spoken to Aiden and given the kid his blessing the last thing he had expected was for the kid to, well, quit. It seemed to out of character but obviously Aiden had different views on dating a minor than Chris or Troy had and he couldn't blame him for that. He's tried to get the kid to stay, tried to give him a raise and apologize profusely but Aiden had just smiled awkwardly and handed over his apron, apologizing for quitting on such short notice. In retrospect, he had pushed the envelope by talking to an employee about dating his son and more, by offering a raise to get him to stay that could be perceived as something else if the right lawyer was involved.

Pausing at the door, he gave a silent wish that he would not be sued.

Shoving open the door, he hung his jacket on the hander, tossed his keys in the bowl beneath it and headed towards the kitchen hoping he still had that half a six pack from a few weeks ago. Grabbing a lager, he turned it up and waited for it to help settle his nerves as he tried to figure out what he was supposed to tell his kid. What he didn't expect was laughter coming from the living room interrupting his silence. Setting the beer down, he moved to the swinging door that separated the kitchen and living room and peeked out to see his son with Rob wrapped around his arm and, more surprisingly, Mason, an old friend from school - Chris had a brief pitying moment when it came to his own age when he suddenly recalled the little mixed kid that had been Troy's best friend growing up - on the other side of the couch watching some stupid comedy that had both teenagers snickering over a giant pile of Mountain Dew cans, empty bags of chips and a greasy pizza box he would raise hell about any other time but decided to let it slide for the moment.

Gently closing the door, Chris smiled. It had been nearly two years since Troy had had a friend over. Nearly two years since he just hung out in the living room making a mess for his dad to clean up later. Nearly two years since he hears that snicker that he always had when he was watching something he had no business watching. And Chris basked in it.

Not wanting to disturb his son and his friend, Chris scribbled down a note telling his son he'd be back later and rested a twenty beside it so he could order in if he didn't feel like making himself dinner then thought about it and how much he had eaten as a teen and put another ten down just t make sure both kids had enough to eat.


"Yo! Your pops left a note and some cash on the bar, man!" Mason hollered from where his face was currently buried in the fridge looking for more soda.

Troy jogged back into the kitchen after putting rob up and slid across the tiled floor in socked feet just because it made him feel goofy. He felt amazing. Either from his caffeine rush or because for the first time in a long time he actually felt like everything was going to be okay. One of his two old best friends were here with him watching lame movies and eating food he was gonna regret tomorrow when gym class came around, his dad was talking to Aiden for him, and hid birthday was right around the corner and he just knew his dad would let him borrow the car to head out to hangout with Mason and Jamaal.

Spying the mentioned note, he grinned and scooped up the cash, shoving it in his pocket. He never really thought about things like that but his dad was pretty awesome when it came to making sure he had everything he needed or, he allowed considering all of his up to date gadgets and the fact that the man was actually going to let him date Aiden, wanted. "We have money, beyotch!"

"Good. You can buy some more soda," Mason said, turning from the fridge with a frown and a bottle of water. "This is all you have to drink. What the hell?"

"Gonna have to hope whatever delivery place we get dinner from will bring some soda. I has no car," he said elbowing his friend just because he could. Damn, it felt good to have friends again!

"Who you elbowing, punk?" the mocha skinned boy said, grabbing Troy in a headlock which of course led to a scuffle that ended with both boys in the floor chuckling. Mason held his stomach and groaned, "Fuck this shit, man. I'd rather kick your ass in PS3. Can't be wrestling and shit after eating all that shit."

"Lightweight," the lighter skinned teen said, elbowing the man again. Laughing when Mason rolled on him and began wrestling again. This time ending up straddling his hips holding one of Troy's arms down and fighting to restrain the other one. They were roughly the same size and height and ended up rolling and laughing until Troy managed to finally gain the upper hand and rolled the other teen under him, his crotch resting against Mason's ass. Eyes widening, he jerked away when he felt his cock swell, he circled to the other side of the counter as hid friend remained laying there.

Troy didn't know what to think of the silence that followed. He couldn't believe he his body had just acted like that over one of his best friends since he started school. The teen was torn between self hatred over being gay and shock that he had not only gotten hard for his friend but someone other than Aiden when he was so taken with the older teen. Neither of which truly set in before Mason pulled himself to his feet and eyed him. Then a miracle happened and his friend acted unexpectedly.

"Chill, man. You gonna let me whip that ass that Call of Duty or not?" he said with a grin before balling up Chris's note and throwing it and hitting Troy upside the head.

Troy didn't even try to duck, just stared at his friend for a minute before letting a grin slowly cover his face. "You wish, mofo."


"You seem like you're in a good mood today, papa bear," Rick said, holding the phone between his shoulder and ear as he finished waxing Troy's Mustang. "I'm glad you called though. Whenever you're ready you can come pick up this beauty."

"Oh yeah? You finished at work already?"

Rick could practically see the cocky grin on his man's face when he said it. Shaking his head at the silliness, he laughed and corrected the fellow. "You're crazy gift here. Restored and ready to go. You still sure you're giving this work of art to your kid?"

"Yeah. I don't wanna speak too soon but I think the kid is finally starting to come around. Maybe this will be the icing this cake needs to get him to act like a normal teenager," Chris said, excitement in his voice. "What time do you get off work anyway? I've been driving up and down West Broadstreet for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to do while my kid and his friend are hanging out."

"Why? Wanna come over tonight?" He turned and eyed the clock on the wall. "I can probably clean up and head out in about ten. Still need to go home and take a shower if you're planning on going anywhere though."

"Can't stay over but I'd like to take you out-"

"Why not eat over at my place? Not to kill your thrill, papa bear, but your man is beat. I've been at work since seven this morning to catch up on shit before the boss gets back. All I really want is a shower, some Chinese, and a little Caucasian for dessert."

The older man laughed. "You got it, honey. I'll meet you at your house."