If Only You Knew

Hi! Welcome to my new story If you don't like, no probs. Stop reading. If you like, review and keep reading. Simple! Each chapter I will be swapping from POV from the two main characters, Cat and Oscar, each chapter.

Oscar's POV

First things first.

I'm Oscar Bond, age 17, born 8th December.

Whole school assembly on a Monday morning. Egh. Happens every Monday at our school, Foxbourough Secondary. I yawned, stretching my arms out as far as I could.

'Watch it, Faggot, you nearly hit me!' My best friend Cat (Caitlin)said, grinning and nudging me. Cat is not only my best friend, but I think I love her.

Cheesy to the max, right? I could remember everything about her. Right now I'm not looking at her, but I know her brunette hair will be loose and wavy around her shoulders, her blue eyes shining, even though I know she's bored out her mind. We've been best mates since Year 1. I can just never bring up the courage to tell her.

And when I say best friends, I seriously mean it. Up until we were 8, we had sleepovers together and spent most of our days together. We've never had an argument, and our parents have both come to accept that the others house is their child's second home.

When we were 12 at a New Years Party, Cat's Dad sat me down and told me something.

'Son, I want you to know that you are THE only boy who my daughter is ever dating. You have permission to beat any of them up. Deal?' I agreed, thrilled he had told me that.

The two of us are a bit of a dream team. I'm not boasting, but we're both clever, funny and popular. And Cat's gorgeous and loads of boys fancy her. They all come up to me, asking for her number and stuff, saying how lucky I am to know her, asking if she's even fitter from a 10 cm range. But they see her as hot. I see her as beautiful. They don't know her. I do.

She's told me that lots of girls fancy me, but I only have eyes for her. My Cat.

'Lazerbrain,' I retorted.

'Twazzok,' Came her reply.

'Bum,'I know, weak.

'FEEBLE!' She said loudly, earning a stern look from a nearby prefect. We were always like this: Inseperable.


It was the lunch hour (finally!) and me and Cat were heading to the canteen to get some grub. I decided to have Lasagna while Cat had Pasta. We sat down at our usual table, joined by our two other mates, Nathan and Alisha. Whenever I needed to talk about 'boy stuff' I went to Nathan. Simples.

Cat, who has the attention span of a flea, bought out her BlackBerry and began to sing along to 'Cannonball' by Little Mix. She's a good singer, actually. She used to sing in assembly, until Ms. Morgan, the headteacher gave us lectures.

I waved my hands pretending to be a fan at a concert. When she finished, I pulled out a random glowstick from my bag and threw it up in the air.

'Yaay!' I said in a girly voice.

Cat patted my head affectionately. 'My biggest fan!' She said in the same voice, hugging me.

Nathan and Alisha rolled their eyes at us, smiling. Only Nat knew of my 'crush' on Cat.

'I'm bored, Oscator,' Cat moaned, leaning on me. I ruffled her untidy hair, leaving my hand gently on her head.

'What else is new?' Alisha chuckled as Cat burst into singing 'Lean On Me'. She does that a lot: sings songs depending on the situation. I began to twiddle with Cat's hair, as she was still leaning on my shoulder. I kind of knew that from a distance we'd seem like we were dating, but we weren't.


After lunch hour, I have PE while Cat has Art. It's one of the only lessons we have separately. I always walk her to the art room.

'Bye, babes!' I said, grinning into the hug.

'Bye, Osc! Love ya!' She waved her hand and ran into her class. I sighed. 1 hour with boys with one topic around me: Cat.

I sprinted across to the field, arriving with a few minutes to spare. Thank god Nathan didn't like Cat. I went and stood next to him.

'Alright?' He asked.

'Yeah, yeah. Not looking forward to the constant interrogation, though,' I admitted. Nat pated my shoulder.

'Well look sharp, mate, here's Declan,' I sighed inwardly. I turned to face the guy.

'Wotcher,' Declan said, grabbing a water bottle.

'Hiya,' I said awkwardly.

'Hows your mate?' I was seething. People seemed to think I didn't care when people did this, but I do.

'Cat's good, tah,' I responded, beginning to stretch and hoping Mr. Brett wouldn't be too long.

'Still refusing to give out her number?'

'Yeah,' I said. The thing is, I had told Cat that boys fancied her, but not quite to the extent. She'd be mortified.

'Tell me if she changes her mind. You sure you ain't going out with her?' He checked.

'Sure as hell, mate,' I muttered.


Caitlin's POV

I love the feeling you get when school's over. Like getting chocolate, y'know?

Anyway, my name's Caitlin Finnigan, Age 16, Born 22nd March. I go by quite a few nicknames. Cat, only by Oscar, Alisha, Nat, Mum, Dad, Fearne, Aislinn and Roxanne. Family and Friends. To teachers, I'm Caitlin. Or if they like me, Cate.

I was waiting outside the school gates for my best friend, Oscar. Seriously, he's the reason I'm not dead, injured or mentally disturbed (Although if you ask him the last one is probably debatable). I scouted the gates, looking for his mop of dirty blonde hair in a sea of red and white uniforms. I saw him after a few minutes and I smiled, running over to hug him.

'Heya Osc,' I said, slinging my arm round his shoulder.

'Heya Cat,' He copied me, doing the same. Every day, he walks me home. I love spending time with him – he's just so nice.

We walked home, chatting about all sorts of things: Football, home, chocolate and school. In no time, we were at my doorstep.

'Love ya, Osc!' I said, squeezing him and waving goodbye.

'Love you too, Cat!' He called back, winking at me. I giggled. As soon as I got in, I was hit by my 3 younger sisters – Fearne, Aged 11, Aislinn, Aged 9 and Roxanne, who we all call Roxy, Aged 6. I love my sisters.

'Cat!' The squealed in unison, making me laugh. I picked up Roxy. I was soon attacked by a bunch of questions from them. I took them all in, laughing and joking. Fearne always asked me about boys, Aislinn about social life and Roxy about school. It says quite a lot about our personalities. Fearne is quite the dashing young maiden of Year 7, from what I've heard. Aislinn is a totally sociable, confident girl whereas Roxy loves nothing more than books and learning stuff.

They all immediately quizzed me on my day, from the grass in the field to Oscar. Always Oscar.

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