There was us

Chapter one.

There I was, sprawled out on the cold hard pavement, wishing, hoping that it would soon be over. Praying that the pain would be gone. I heard someone say "They're dead." And I thought they were talking about me. Until I realized, they weren't. A man came over to me and kneeled beside me. He calmly said "don't worry sweetheart. The ambulance is here and you're going to the hospital now. You'll be okay." But I didn't believe him. How did he expect me to believe him when my blood was surrounding me on the pavement. "This is the end." I whispered with a tear streaming down my face. He wiped it away and said "No, it's not." Then everything went black. When I woke up I was still laying down. But not in the street, I was in a bed. A nice warm, comfortable bed, with soft sheets. I was in a hospital and my mother was asleep in a chair next to my bed. "Mom?" I said and she jumped at the sound of my voice. She took one look at me and started to cry hysterically. "you're okay!" she exclaimed while surrounding me in her warm embrace." "What happened?" I said while resting back into my bed. She stared off sadly for a moment before saying. "You were in an accident. The doctor's said that you might not make it, but you did." "What are you taking about mom? I wasn't in an accident." I said and she looked at me strangely then asked "Kaylee, what's the last thing you remember?" I thought for a moment then said "going to sleep last night." She then asked "and what day was it yesterday?" I once again thought for a moment before replying with "Tuesday, February 14th 2012. Why?" I asked and she looked at me with a slightly surprised expression. "Kaylee Today is Thursday. February 16th. 2012." I processed what she said for a moment before it had finally realized that there was a whole day between this moment at the hospital and what I last remembered. My mother looked at me for a moment before getting up and leaving the room. When she got back, there was a doctor with her. The doctor was tall and looked to be about 50. He had blackish-grayish hair and was reasonably thin. He turned to me and said "so you're mother told me that you can't remember anything from the day of your accident." I answered with "no sir." He looked at the ground in thought for a moment then opened his mouth to say something, and then shut his mouth again. He continued to think for another couple of moments before finally stating. "Well, maybe not remembering what happened could prove to be a good thing. Sometimes remembering the trauma hurts more then not remembering it." My mother looked at both the doctor and I a couple of times before asking him "Do you think her memory will ever return doctor?" He answered with "possibly." Before leaving the small room.