Always Friends

We'll always be

The two with the perfect history

Everyone will always tell us

That we're meant to be

That there was a reason why I fell

And I'll always shrug it off

Saying "Future will tell"

I'll always wonder

Why she understands you more

Why these things, I didn't know about before

I'll always ask myself

What went wrong

And why I can't

Be the subject of your love song

Now that things are different

They'll never be the same

Not when I get a front row seat

To you and your silly love games

You'll always be

The person I want to call

When things get rough

You'll always be

The person who'll help me when I fall

But we'll never be

What they predict us to be

We'll never get married

You'll never offer me a ring

I'll never be the one

To whom you always cling

That's not the way we work

Everyone knows to me you'd never flirt

We'll always be close

That's all this life can permit

Inseparable kindred spirits

Forever partners

Always friends

So however many times I have to hear it

We are meant to be

It's evident by our perfect history

I'll be your friend

And you'll be mine; however

If it ever it becomes more

Just remember

You said let's only be

Best friends forever