Kota Daniels thought it was just another school day. Her best friend woke her up, an idiot at school tried to mess with her, and she went to her Piano III class as usual. But as soon as her phone starts vibrating, something scratches at the classroom door. Zombies are overrunning the school! Thanks to her brother's endless obsession with them, she's able to fend them off for some time – and then she's bitten. Having seen enough movies, she's well aware that the chances of her turning into one are immeasurable. However, the only thing that changes is her hair and eye color, both becoming a gorgeous red. Confused but relieved, she starts hunting down her friends and other survivors, ready to break out of the school. By the end of the day, it's her, her best friend Aiden, a guy named Alex, another random girl named Billy, a ditzy and slow girl named Makayla, and her ex-friend, Dakota Jones. But the questions still remain: How come Kota didn't change? And how did the pandemic start out in the first place?

A Future to Die For



That was the best way to describe it. I mean, what else would you call the Zombie Apocalypse of 2013? If you thought about it, with everyone boasting and bragging about how "prepared" they were and how "epic" it would be, it was almost Karma.


Was that a demented way to put it? It's true that I might have had some hint of morbidness, but only a hint.



It was a topic that everyone – and I mean everyone – loved. People watched shows about them, read books on them, even had posters of them. It was the latest thing that had almost everyone's interest.

Who would actually think that they're naïve games would come true?

I certainly didn't.


Gahh. How I hated confusion. It was bad before the pandemic started, let alone after. Hello? I was a teenage girl. My life was already complicated without all the flesh-eating, blood guzzling, and quite frankly downright disgusting monsters running around trying to devour everything they could get their nasty hands on.


They always say there's a fine line between love and hate. Funny how it takes the guy I hated more than anything to save me from monsters before I actually believed it.


Ha! It's the start of the world's destruction and you think my mind's filled with stuff like guys and love?

Pfft. Hell no!


That's what all of those things add up to. If you thought high school was hell before, try adding in a bipolar girl, a ditzy nurse, your worst enemy on your side, and a smart guy that's terrified of spiders.

Oh, and not to mention the zombies trying to eat you. That's always pleasant.