This story starts with a mischievous character that wonders the outskirts of Massachusetts. His name is Damien, and he was recently exiled for a crime known "Identity". He took it upon himself to change his uniform to stand out from the other workers, and that showed self-expression, something that was not accepted.

Before being exiled, Damien would always write letters to outsiders to see if things were the same on the other side. One person who wrote back was Sarah Good. Sarah was a poor peasant in the village of Salem. From the letters Damien learned that Sarah lived in poverty and that the Puritan's purposely controlled her fate in life. It wasn't long until she was seen as an outcast.

Damien could relate to Sarah's feeling of being excluded, and figured he would try and help her out to bring peace to Salem. He talked about freedom and ways to prevent the Puritan government from gaining absolute control. He spoke about riots and revolutions he could have planned.

Damien and Sarah believe they are talking secretly, but Puritan spies also run the delivery service, and soon found out about Damien's motives to inspire radical change, something they ultimately feared. Puritan's reacted quickly by issuing the "Witch Craft Hunt". They claimed that the devil sent human imposters known as Witches to spoil the pure society of Salem. However, this was only an excuse for Puritan's to take anyone who showed possible motives to oppose the Puritan government. Poor revolutionaries were taken prisoner; Rich supporters were purposely bankrupt with Puritan's calling it an unexpected economical mistake.

Puritans figured if they kept all the revolutionaries in jail, they'd be powerless. When Damien found out about the Witch Craft Hunt, he decided to meet up with Sarah Good to discuss about a planned prison break. Security secretly prepared that night for any outburst, but did not notice anything. However the next night attendance dropped by half.

The Puritan's quickly declared an event called "The Salem Witch Trials". The event gave the right to capture any person who appears in any given way as a witch. Some qualities of a witch include the personality of outgoing, or optimistic. Sarah Good and many others were executed the following day, to completely take care the revolutionaries. However the Puritan's knew Damien was still out to wonder, and Damien knew at some point the Puritans would try to hunt him down.

So Damien decided to wear obsidian colored cloaks so he can slip by in town unnoticed. He still kept creating events such as undercover meet ups, an event where members would criticize the Puritans ideology of "pure". Damien would document the events by recording it in writing. He carried a book with him to express the ideology of the people, His hopes were that someone would find this and be inspired to change the current society.

The Puritans have yet to find Damien. Spies have reported his locations, and appearances, but still can't imprison him. The last attempt to drown out Damien from posing a threat to Puritan's was by giving him a label. The Puritan officials announced that the devil himself wonders Salem in the disguise of a human. He wore a cloak, and held a book with a list of sins. He would use verbal tactics to trap pure followers of god, and turn them into the side of the Devil. This figure was labeled as "The Black Man" and teenagers were warned to avoid his presence at all costs, and contact Puritan officials as soon as possible.