The Greatest High School Scam Ever

Anne Pavaris walked beside my locker. I could almost hear the pain in her eyes. She never seemed happy. She was so depressed, except in English, but even then she never spoke.

"Andrew, can you please come see me." Mrs. Tully asked. I nodded and followed her into her classroom.

"You know Anne Pavaris,right?"

"Not personally, but yeah."

"I'm going to assign book reports. And they have to be presented. You and I both know Anne is an elective mute. I'm going to have you work in partners, but you can pick. I want you to pick Anne." She thinks you like Anne. The voice in my head said. You see, I have this voice in my head. My mom says it's my conscious, it sounds kinda like a girl. I named her Conny, short for conscious. Conny's good at giving advice... and letting me know when I screw up, which she loves to do. Only because you don't seem to to notice. Yup. I sighed and agreed. You do realize you just agreed to work with an elective mute, right? Yes I did.

-In class-

"Class, it's time for a book report. Pick your partners." Mrs. Tully locked eyes with me. I nodded. I subtly approached Anne.

"Hi Anne." She just looked up at me, as if to say " I'm hearing things." I smiled, maybe get her to loosen up. Yeah Right. Conny snapped.

"You wanna be partners?" She just nodded. I sat next to her. I'b never been this close to her, so I'd never seen her slim features. She was smaller than me and that's saying something. But she did look ... attractive, yet not in the whole sense. Yeah, don't kid yourself Andrew. You wanna take that ass for a ride. I wish Conny would shut up sometimes. Hey! I heard That! I'm right Here! You were meant to Conny. Anne swallowed. She mouthed something. Good thing I can read lips. She asked why I picked her.

"I don't see anybody else busting their butts to work with you."You'd like to bust that butt! Shut up Conny! She nodded.

"Thanks." She whispered. She speaks! Holy Beep She speaks! I mean it Conny, I will end you!

"No problem." You wanna screw her! CONNY! Anne picked up the book. It was called Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Anne picked it up, read a chapter and dropped the book.

"What?" I was clueless sometimes.Got that right. SHUT. UP. CONNY. Anne fled in tears. I jumped up and raced after her. She went in the girls bathroom. Of Course. Go Andrew. Go get hit by a brick purse. SHUT UP NOW OR I WILL NEVER WATCH TWILIGHT AGAIN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Suddenly Conny was silent. Good. I crept into the bathroom. She was in the first stall, but no one else was there. I grabbed the top of the door. My foot swung up to the lock. The other to the hinge. I climbed over top the door.

"You're a spider monkey/" She declared. I smiled. I knew she'd eventually crack. Really, Andrew? Even if she does talk, she wouldn't give you nothing. Conny? I Could go shoot Twilight...Alright! I knelled in front of her.

"What's got your gears outta grind?" You have no idea how wrong that sounds. That's it! Twilight is getting blown up at 3:00! Anne whacked the stall.

"Why do you care?" Ooh , she's a thumper! Conny... Anne was giving me the death stare.

"Anne... We may not be friends but that doesn't mean we can't be."

"I'm a freak, a squealer. Didn't you hear about that party? I'm the one who called the cops."

"So? "

"You don't understand, Andrew."She knows your name. Now she knows what to scream when you finally-CONNY! Anne gave me the look.

"Try me."

"Just Get out of my way."

"Anne Paravis. Sit down and tell me. Or do I have to make you?" The skin on skin slap resounded throughout the restroom. I smiled.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" I asked. I moved my hand as if to say whatever and I found myself pinned to the wall by my neck. Ooh, she likes it rough. NOT NOW CONNY!

"Anne, release." She wouldn't listen. I pushed her hand away and pinned her to the wall by her wrists.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way Anne." Tears welled up in her eyes. I released, realizing what I was doing. She looked at me/.

"I'm sorry Thumper." Ha! Shut it Conny.