The Greatest High School Scam Ever

You Wanna Be A Loser Like Me

"OK, shoot Pavaris."

"I think we... Should ...You know...Not and say we did."

"Say we did what?"

"Date." Oh screw dating. You just wanna fuck, don't you Andrew? CONNY!

"I think ... It should be The Greatest High School Scam"


"You know Anne, you're smarter than people give you credit for."

"Aw" A surrounding group of girls cooed. F our life. Yes Conny. Yes.

"Do I know any of you?" I snapped.

"I'm Regina I'm in your math class. F Our Life even harder. It's the dimwit from Calculus.

"Look Non-Virgina, get outta here I'm trying to have a moment with A- My girlfriend." I nodded at Anne.

"Um yeah." She covered. "Promise me something."


"We'll at least be best friends by the end of the hoax."

"Inseparable, Anne." Are you taking that -CONNY! I wouldn't deny Anne was attractive-beautiful even. She could definitely be my type. Oh you have a type? Conny, Twilight will die if you don't keep your mouth shut. Anne looked at the jock table.

"Come on baby! Dump the freak, I can fuck you better!" Charlie yelled. Anne looked terrified. Had he done this before? I got up and approached the much taller, muscle bound jock.

"I don't know how exactly you've tortured Anne in the past, but it ends now, Charlie." Anne looked over at me, shocked.

"Yeah, Charlie. Leave Anne alone." Tess commanded her boyfriend. I took my seat in front of Anne and smiled at her. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.