The Suicide

The rain began pouring down as if the Angles themselves were crying. People gathered around, family and friends, to discuss the life of a wonderful man, and his tragic end. No one saw it coming, he appeared perfectly happy and content with his life. The suicide of Jason Brooks was an eye opener to everyone around him. He left a wife, Emily Brooks, and a five year old son, John Brooks.

Now the family sat through the service of the father and husband, as his coffin is lowered to the ground, and a priest stood and told the mourners how his soul is with god. None of the words register with young John. He stands there next to his mother silently letting his tears run off his face and mix with the rain. For the past week he has done little but cry, and now he is simply running out of tears to shed. He just stands there with his one thought, Why would he do this? Unfortunately, this is a question forever without an answer.

The service lasted for two hours. Friends of the family tried to cheer the grieving wife and son, but were simply shrugged off. Child and now widowed mother walked hand in hand towards the car. The drive home was in complete silence, both too deep in their thoughts to try and make conversation. At home Emily prepared dinner, while John simply sat on the couch thinking. When dinner was ready the two sat down and began to eat, the question still burning in Johns mind.

"Why did daddy do it?" John asked breaking the silence that has been going on all day.

"I don't know, I simply don't know." Emily responded, not having the strength to look her son in the eyes.

"Did he not love us? Did I do something wrong?" John whispered looking down at his food that has remained untouched.

"You did nothing wrong, I don't want you even thinking that! Daddy may not be here right now, but he will always be watching over us, he will especially be keeping a close eye over you." Emily said finishing off her meal. "Now eat your dinner." She said.

After dinner Emily decided it would be best to just go to bed. John went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Staring into the mirror he saw a familiar face, the face of his father. Ever since he could remember he was told that he had his father's face, he was once proud of the face, but now wished nothing more than to look nothing like his father, it just brings back memories.

John lies in bed just listening to the soothing pattern of rain pounding against the roof of the house. Ten years since the death of his father and nightmares still refuse to let him sleep, nightmares of his father's blood all over the floor from the gunshot. The worst nightmares were when he was forced to watch his father's death, having him slowly place the gun against his temple and whisper it is all your fault, then the loud deafening sound of a gunshot awakes him.

Attempting to return to sleep is pointless, and John knows it. He lies awake thinking about how his life had changed, and how his mother changed. Ever since that day his mother never looked him in the eye. While he could never get an answer from her, he assumed that it was because his eyes and face just reminded her of Jason. Ever since his father died he has tried to avoid mirrors. Whenever he caught his reflection in the mirror he saw the ghost of his father. He thinks about how his mother never talks to him anymore. After the death she fell into a depression, and if she did speak to him it usually involved insults. He simply can't stand the pain, the pain of being hated by his mother and not even able to look at his own reflection. He rises from the bed heads outside. He has lived in the house his whole life; even in the dark navigation was very easy. He when outside to grab some thick rope, and returned to his room. He quickly prepares a Hangman's knot and ties it to one of the support beams in his room. This is not the first time he has though to do this and had looked up the knot before. He stands on his bed, head in the knot, he takes one deep breath and takes his final step.

The next morning he was found by his mother in his room. It was just a few months after John's death did she end up taking her own life. The murder or suicide of a person never leaves just one victim.

I am not sure how this story turned out. I never really wrote in third person before, so it felt awkward to write, but I felt like doing something different. Review, and let me know how it turned out!