AU – Set in approx April 2013 on a very similar Earth.

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The Hybrid Corps Chronicles

Volume 1 Hybrid Birth Arc

001 The Bite Part 1

The sun is high in the sky before she moves. Even though it's shining down brightly she still pauses by the edge of her shelter in the middle of the small lake and scans the obviously empty bank.

Sniffing the air and listening as hard as she can before she finally slides from boat into the water and begins to swim for the shore.

Wading out onto dry land she snatches the hat from her head and wrings the water out of it. Putting it back on she pulls all the sleeves and the legs of her clothes down making sure no ray of sunshine can touch her skin.

Sunglasses follow and she sighs softly and silently as they block out the harsh bright dizzying light.

Last night she had felt them explode into a frenzy as fresh human meat had wandered into the city. She had done her best to block them from her mind but she had caught the odd flash of screams and blood and gunfire.

Humans meant food to her.

Not food like it meant to the others tucked safely away from the sunlight, no, humans brought bags with food and water. That food she can eat as she waits to turn into one of the others, it can't be long now.

Orientating herself she trots away from the safety of the water and her floating home in the lake, across the ankle deep and climbing higher grass of the neglected park and into the abandoned city. A city filled with buildings and underground places that they lurked in waiting for the night to come so they could venture forth into the long deserted streets.

Reaching the point where the grass ends and the concrete jungle starts she stops to listen again. Nearby are steps that lead underground and she can hear them stir down there, their hearts beating slowly and sluggishly, a few moans drift up, but they had joined the feast last night and are stated for now.

Not that she'd risk walking down there and into the dark.

Crossing the empty road she avoids all the forlorn and forsaken rotting carcases of metal and glass that used to race down and around these streets carrying their passengers as they hurried to and fro.

There is nothing left of their passengers now. Either eaten up, every last scrap of them, or they ran away in time, or more likely they lurk in the dark hungry for more flesh.

In the middle of the big round circle is a big stone arch, perched on it sits a statue that silently watches all around it. She passes below it and waves, it doesn't wave back.

She likes the bit she is coming to, hardly any dead cars are left here and she can jog down the middle of the road under the welcoming shade of the trees. The sun is her friend, it chases the others away, it hurts them so badly they will fall helpless beneath it, but it scalds and stings her too and she tries to keep covered up from it.

A gentle breeze carries the smell of grass and flowers to her and she smiles to herself and gazes out across the park to her left, it's very pretty here and she can forget about the others sometimes.

To her right a wall runs along the road, she has scaled that a few times, it used to protect the greenery of a special person, but now that person is gone or dead and their house now homes the others that mindlessly squat there during the day.

The road runs out of trees to shade it and she inches painfully into the sun, another round bit is in front of her and in the middle the water is growing stagnant and smells of the watery green stuff that tastes horrible.

Waving at the people in the middle she frowns when they do not wave back, they might be frozen in stone or metal but they could at least wave to her.

This time she does not run up the middle of the road and drifts to the right where the nice trees are happy to act as a veil to the sun and she moves as quietly as she can over the gravel and sand that crunches beneath her feet.

More stagnant water drifts on the air to her and she really would like to stay on that one night, but she's worried it's not deep enough to keep the others from reaching her, especially if they're hungry enough to chance the water and drowning.

Gates open up to her right and she slows to a stop. If there's enough food left behind by the dead and eaten humans she will come here and sit under a tree for a time.

The sound of birds and insects are stronger here and she will be able to see life flapping, crawling and buzzing about.

Going back to her task she follows the road until it comes to the big stone arches with the lettering she cannot read. Passing underneath them she reaches her destination and up on his high column the man stares out, she does not bother to wave to him he never sees her down here.

A shift in the wind and the stench of blood reaches her. Crossing a round thing she can see whoever was here has moved the dead cars far away from the base of the tall column. Smeared over the floor and around the paved square are pools of blood and leading from them are many footprints.

Around the tall column are many many shiny poles and boxes of useless trinkets filled with wires and boards. Things that don't work anymore. Rummaging she finds part of an ear and throws it behind her as pointless.

The dead are dead and eaten alive and will not move again, not like the others, they are dead but do not know it and hunt the living.

To one side are a few black bags that fit over backs. Opening them she dumps their contents on the stone covered ground and they are filled with ropes and metal rings that are not round but rectangular.

Ropes she can use, so she stuffs the ropes into one bag and goes looking for more things. Piling the useful bags in the middle of the square between the two pools of water that are stagnating too she soon has a collection of ropes, some water bottles that are full, and the plastic squares that are filled with good filling food.

She's even found some more sunglasses and walks over to a car after checking there are no others underneath it. In the reflection of the glass she takes her sunglasses off and tries the new ones squinting in the sharp glare of the sun between each pair her red eyes water painfully. Three pairs are discarded as too small as they let the light in around the side. One pair is big enough and are plain black, she keeps those, and one pair is a little too small but they are not black, they are shiny and she keeps those too.

Happy with the haul of food that she's found she skirts the parameter of the square in case she's missed a bag and then she stops and cocks her head because she cannot be hearing what she thinks she's hearing.

A heartbeat.

A fast human heartbeat.

There had been a frenzy last night, the others would have hunted down anything with a heartbeat like that, they would have ripped into each other in their hunger and rage, blind to anything but the need to feed to sate the constant appetite for flesh that always drives them.

Stepping down the road she follows the heartbeat that cannot be and then peers around a corner to see one of the big blue wheeled bins tipped over on it's side.

Inside the bin is the fast heartbeat.

Humans were smart, this one had found somewhere to hide that they couldn't reach it. No, him, she sniffs around the bin, yes he is a him. And then a whiff of decay and unclean infection makes her retch soundlessly, he's been bitten, he will be one of them soon enough.

Standing she goes to leave to his fate when a soft sob from the bin makes her freeze in place. She is afraid they will hear him and come out, but the sun is high and she and he are safe for now.

When the sun is gone they will come for him again, she can see the gouges in the plastic as they tried to reach him in his flimsy shelter. It's best for him to die ripped apart and eaten alive; it's much quicker and better than turning into what bit him.

Moving closer she studies the blue bin, it fell in it's side and the catch is broken, he's trapped inside the bin, he can not find his own way to escape it or them when they come for him tonight.

Rocking on her heels she thinks and inside the bin he shifts around another sob and hiss echoes out, this time one of pain. She remembers her own bite only vaguely, it burned icy cold and it made her sick.

Back then there were people to help care for her and so with her mind made up she reaches towards the blue bin to help him, to nurse him, to care for him until it is too late for him and the hunger consumes him.

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