Can I be Your child?

I kneel gently on the floor and bow my head respectfully

As I ponder the marvellous splendour of His Being, trying to understand

When soon were my thoughts interrupted as He places His hand

Gently on my head

And says "why must you try to understand everything? Why can't

You just accept this as it is and return to your childlike accepting of


Then, something happened which I can't explain

Still with my head bowed low

I held out my hand confidently and gracefully with a huge smile

Creeping across my face and ask shakily and timidly

A question I've so longed to know the answer to

"Can I be your child?" I was expecting a slap across the face,

But He just laughed warmly – like He didn't know why I asked

Such a question, then pulling me up to my feet and holding me closely

And tightly He replied

"You always were…even when you tried so hard to deny it,

Even when you refused to accept it and asked not to be

You always were and will be…"