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There was absolute silence. All silence but the beeping. The sound started to speed up in the lonely room, until at last someone burst though the sliding door. Before the doctor reached his patient, the beeping slowed and steadied. Just to be sure, the doctor peeked at the reason that this certain person was in the hospital. He saw several gun shot wounds to the patients stomach. The patient groaned, as if having a bad dream. Suddenly the beeping sped up once more. More doctors and nurse's rushed in. " Begin surgery immediately. She won't last much longer." Ordered the head doctor, looking at the pained expression of the teenage girl in pity.

three hours later

The girl groaned. She opened her eyes to an empty room. Empty except for a sleeping boy in the corner of the room. He had dark red hair and was dressed in a plain black top with matching pants. She looked at herself, bloody bandages on her stomach, just visible under the hospital robe. She vaguely remembered what had happened, but not completely. Someone entered the room, sliding the door shut carefully not to wake the sleeping boy. It was another young girl, with cute short black hair and a beautiful blue top and plain black pants. " Whats up, Blaze?" She smiled. Blaze smiled back at her friend. " You know, your twin is kinda cute when he is sleeping!" The new girl giggled as she looked at the red headed boy. "Hazel, I may be injured but I can still beat you up if you fancy my brother so much that you think he's cute when sleeping." Blaze taunted her friend, daring her to say any more.

Hazel sighed. " He was very worried about all were. Please try a little harder to not get yourself killed. I brought you some food, are you hungry?" Hazel offered. " No thanks, I'm not really keen on eating at the moment. So where is Jayden?" Wondered Blaze. "How should I know? I came straight from my room. Stupid doctors freaked out when I collapsed when they rushed to you." She replied, munching on a piece of bread. "Hey Hazel, do you have like a mirror or something?" Blaze wondered. Hazel handed her a spoon. She raised her eyebrows. " What? It's not like I carry a mirror every where I go." She complained. It would have to do.

Blaze looked at her reflection. Her perfect chestnut hair only slightly intact in a pony tail. Her bright brown eyes were stained with what looked like tears. It all came back. The evil man. The smoke. The tears. The gunshots. Blaze's heart began to race, remembering the pain. The beeping in the room got faster and faster. Blaze's world swirled by. "Blaze..." There was a whisper. "Blaze..." There it was again but slightly louder. "Blaze!" The whisper had turned into a scream so suddenly. Blaze snapped out of it. Hazel was standing next to the bed with some one next to her. A red haired boy.

Blaze took a second to recognize the boy. " Jason?" She wondered. Her twin nodded. An adult strolled into the room, looking as though he did not have a care in the world. " It wasn't that long ago when you were in the bed, Jason." He stood next to the teenage boy.

"What do you want?" Jason asked in a stern voice, as he turned to see the blond adult. "It's your fault she is in this mess. It is your fault that Hazel sometimes faints. It's your fault that Jayden is dyeing. Unless you think that an apology will cut it and we will all live happily ever after, for your own good I suggest you leave us be." The man complied. But not before whispering something into Jason's ear. " It is actually your fault that both Blaze and Hazel are so sick. Or haven't you told them yet?" He snickered and took his leave.

"Jason, please don't blame him. It was my foolishness that got me like this." Blaze sighed. " And it's not his fault that Hazel is like this either." Hazel was next to speak. " Hey, have you seen Jayden anywhere? Jason? Are you even listening?" The boy with red hair sighed. If only they knew the truth.

Six months earlier

A man walked into the meeting room that had several twelve to thirteen year olds. They all had different hair, skin and personalities but they had all been called to the same thing. He had blond hair and seemed carefree. " I guess your all wondering why you are all here. The answer is simple, the world needs your help. As you know, there are humans that seem fixed with the idea that the world has to change. We have to capture them all so that the world is once again balanced. Each person will be in a four man cell and are to hunt said humans and report back to me." He explained. There was quiet chatter.

" Why us?" Asked a girl with perfect chestnut hair. " Because Blaze, you each excel at a different talent. Plus us adults have busy lives." She wondered how this man knew her name. He continued. " If the questions are over, then I will announce the teams. When I call you, go outside to be debriefed on your first target. Also, each team has a codename. They are going to be much easier then normal, but still try not to die. Team one called Electus and consists of Blaze, Jayden, Jason and Hazel." Jason smiled. Electus means 'Chosen' in Latin. It seemed to be a heavy name.

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