I know that look in your hazy yellowed eyes
when you walk in gone 12 from the pub
your putrid flesh oozing the toxins of drink
and self-indulgence
I know just what your planning tonight
when you smile at me that way
and as you close the door
you remind me not to scream
though your inebriation prevents you from recalling why
and your belts already out it's loops
as you pin me down on the cold damp floor again
just like Monday
and last Saturday
and Thursday

I lose myself to that place
only I can find
where I'm safe from evil
a place without the evils of drink
a place without the evils of pubs
a place without the evils of strip clubs
a place without the evils you bring

And as I grow numb to your fumbling hands
across my naked battered chest
I bite down hard on my tongue
and taste the metal in my mouth
As remind myself not to scream this time
because the children have school in the morning