I didn't know what was right or wrong

I didn't know whether to keep singing to that ancient song

I didn't know if I believed or not

I had never been given proof but for proof I had never sought

So I wondered if I was to die and find myself in God's embrace,

Was I to die without ever marveling at His grace?

That's when I thought maybe He's not real and I was worrying over nothing

So in apatheism I trust now because I haven't cared for a while whether He is just an idea or is something


Apatheism- acting with apathy, disregard or lack of interest in a deity

Apatheist- someone who is not interested in accepting or denying any claims that gods exist or do not exist

I hope I haven't offended anyone by this poem, but these are my true feelings about my "religion" (Catholic) that I don't want to practice because I don't really care about religion anymore. I used to want to believe, and I used to wish that I could, but I've realized that I can live a normal life without it, so here I am. But sometimes, I still wonder whether He is real, and other times, most times, like now, I don't care if He is. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. Please review!