Positively Mad


Writer/Narrator- also referred to as "Gabe". A aspiring writer with a slight attitude.

Alice- the main character. A girl with an attitude and the most logical character in the story. (Punk rock clothes would be best.)

Bella- Alice's sister. A snotty, rude girl(fashionable short dress best suited)

Caterpillar- A wise (most likely high) being who likes to talk in riddles ( regular clothes fine. Maybe bug antenna headband.)

White Rabbit - a slightly OCD being who doesn't talk much ( suit+ tie with rabbit ears would be best)

Mad Hatter- an absolutely insane, tea obsessed, madman.(worn and beat up clothes and a top hat best suited.

Queen of Hearts- the mad dictator of Wonderland, the queen enjoys beheading people and croquet. ( queen like dress and crown with hearts. Maybe an axe.)

Writer's friend- also called "Brian". While a loyal friend to "Gabe" he enjoys tormenting his friend.

Props: desk and fake computer, long table, chairs, tea set, cellphone, random book

Act One, Scene One

Spot lights come on. Stage right: a man sits at a desk typing away

Writer:(mumbling to self) This is going to be harder than I thought...well, lets see what I have so far.

( Spot light moves to central stage. Two girls sitting on the floor.)

Bella:(talking on cellphone) Like, can you believe Sarah wore that? I mean, she looked like some sort of homeless person! Can you believe Dylan is dating her! I can't believe I had a crush on him!

(lips still moving but sound is no longer coming out.)

Alice:(mumbling to self) I wonder how hard it would be to hide her body...

Bella:(glaring at Alice) Did you say something, loser?

Alice:(smiling falsely) Nothing, dear sister of mine.

Bella: whatever, loser.

Alice:(sighs, and looks over to stage left)

(Enter White Rabbit)

White Rabbit:(takes out pocket watch) Oh, God! I'm late!

(White rabbit Exits stage left)

Alice: Did that rabbit just talk?

Writer/Narrator:(to Alice) Yes, he did. Now go chase after him.

Alice: Why?

Writer/Narrator: Because, the story needs to continue.

Alice: Why am I chasing a talking rabbit? It's a rabbit.

Writer/Narrator: You have to chase the rabbit so you can fall down a hole.

Alice: Am I the only one who thinks it's ridiculous that I'm going to chase a talking rabbit? It seems very specious...

Writer/Narrator:(bangs head on desk) Just do it!

Alice:(glaring at Writer) Why should I? (Crosses arms)

Writer/Narrator:(points at Bella, who is oblivious to the conversation) Because if you don't you'll have to listen to her talk all day.

Alice:(looks over at Bella and then back at Writer/Narrator) Damn! Okay I'll chase the stupid rabbit.

(Alice exits stage left)

Writer/Narrator: Well, this story is progressing quite well.

(End of Scene One)