Positively Mad

Act One, Scene Two

enter White rabbit
enter Alice
Alice( chasing WR): Stop running damn it!
WR: I can't I'm late!
Alice: I don't friggin' care! Just stop running!
WR( stops running):..
Alice: (panting)
WR: You okay?
Alice: I'm fine. How much farther until we get to the hole?
WR: About a mile or so?
Alice: Let's walk.
WR: B-but, I'm late!
Alice: I. Don't. Care. We. Are. Walking!
WR: (takes a step back) Okay, let's walk.
Alice: Smart rabbit.(starts walking)
WR: Crazy b-
Alice: (keeps walking sing song voice) Finish that sentence and I'll rip off your fluffy ears and shove them down your throat~.
WR: Got it.
Scene change: forest and hole in ground
Alice: (peers down hole) And you want me to jump down there?!
WR: It seems so.
Alice: GABE!
Gabe enter stage left
Gabe:( eating ramen)What?
Alice: I have to jump down a hole?!
WR: I agree, this does seem a little ludicrous.
Gabe: ( glares) Shut it, rabbit boy.
WR: Yes, sir!
Gabe:( taken back) uh...right.
Alice:( glances at WR) Um...can you change his personality a bit?
Gabe: ( takes out laptop) On it.
WR: ...We done yet?
Alice: Too much disobedience.
WR: ( cowering) C-can w-we p-p-please g-go n-now?
Alice: Waay too timid.
WR: Let's Go!
Gabe: I like this one, he's so enthusiastic.
Alice: True.
WR:( bouncing on balls of feet)
Gabe: Shit! I think I gave him ADHD.
Alice: Got any Ritalin?
Gabe: None.
Alice: White Rabbit! Sit down!
WR: Yes, miss Alice!
Gabe: Aw, he likes you!
Alice: ( smacks Gabe on back of head) Shut up.
Gabe: Now go jump down that hole into a world where nothing has to makes sense.
Alice: Can I at least have a gun?
Gabe: No.
Alice: Why?
Gabe: Because you're trigger happy.
Alice: So?
Gabe: ...No gun for crazy girl.
Alice: ...Please?
Gabe: No.
Alice: Can I have a sword then?
Gabe:...Sure.( hands over sword)
Alice: Kick. Ass!
WR: Damn straight!
Gabe and Alice: ( looks at WR)
WR: What?
Alice: D-did you just swear?
Alice: ( fist bumps Gabe) Nice.
Gabe: I. Am. God! ( evil laughter)
Gabe: But Light is epic!
Alice: True.
WR: He was epic until he went psycho.
Alice:True, but even then, he was still pretty epic.
WR: He killed L!
WR: Oops.
Alice: HOW DARE YOU SPOIL DEATHNOTE!( holds up sword)
WR: Shit!( starts running)
Alice: GET BACK HERE!( starts chasing WR)
Gabe: ( turns to adunenice) I do not own Death Note. That great honour belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.
WR: ( jumps down hole)
Alice: ( follows him down hole) GET BACK HERE, YOU BASTARD!
Gabe: Just as planned.
Gabe exits

End of Scene Two