Warning: shounenai/ boyxboy

Positively Mad Ch. 3

Act one, scene three

Enter Alice stage right

Alice: (looks around) Well, I suppose I'm in Wonderland...cool! It beats hanging around with Bella all day. I wish I could rub this in her face! Although she probably wouldn't believe me...Damn it!

Enter Cheshire cat

Cheshire: Little girl, little girl, what are you doing here?

Alice: I'm chasing that son-of-a-bitch White rabbit. Know where he is?

Cheshire: Maybe I do, perhaps I don't.

Alice points sword at Cheshire's throat

Alice: I asked a question cat, I expect an answer.

Stage light goes out. Creepy Cheshire grin in background

Cheshire: Now, now, no need to get angry. Perhaps I can help you.

Alice: (takes out sword and spin around trying to find Cheshire) Why would you help me?

Cheshire: I'm bored, and you seem interesting. Now then, do you want my help or not?

Alice:...Very well then.(sheaths sword)

Lights come back on. Cheshire appears in front of Alice

Cheshire: Alrighty then. Let's go on an adventure!

Alice: Adventure!

Cheshire: Yay! Adventure!

Alice: Cheshire, I think this is going to be the start of a long lasting friendship.

Cheshire: Indeed. What did Rabbit do to you anyway?

Alice: He spoiled Death Note.

Cheshire: THE BASTARD!

Alice: I know!

Cheshire: Let's go beat his ass!

Exit Alice and Cheshire

Enter Gabe( typing on couch)

Gabe:...Poor White Rabbit. You have two obsessed psychos after you.

Knocking sound

Gabe: ( shouting) Come in!

Enter Brian

Brian: How's my favourite writer friend?

Gabe:Fine. How's my favourite psychotic nut-job?

Brian: Good, the pills still suck but good.

Gabe: What's the diagnosis this time?

Brian: OCD.

Gabe: Well, you are obsessively neat.

Brian: Am not!

Gabe:( looks up) You tried to alphabetise my bedroom!

Brian:...It's my way of saying I love you?

Gabe: Aw, I love you too. (stands up and grabs Brian) But seriously. Don't. Touch. My. Stuff!

Brian: ( takes a step backwards) G-got it.

Gabe: ( lets Brian go) Good.

Brian: So...

Gabe: So?

Brian: ( plops down on couch) Let me read!

Gabe: Here. ( hands over laptop)

Brian: ( scans screen)

Gabe: Well?


Gabe: Well?!

Brian: It's...interesting.

Gabe: Gee, thanks.

(Sounds of arguing)

End of Act One, Scene Three