This story was written in between July and December 2007 so I would've been seventeen and eighteen when I wrote this so I won't take offence if you don't like it

Since childhood, Robin has been friends with Christina and they did everything together: go to each other's houses, go to the cinema, shopping, share secrets and comfort each other if they had a problem but Robin wanted more than that

He was in love with Christina since the day they met

What he liked about her was that she had jealousy inducing looks: long blonde hair and pretty face

He also reckoned that she had the body of an angel and dressed well

It wasn't just her looks he liked

He also liked her personality

Christina was a good hearted girl who looked out for others, funny, intelligent and sweet

Robin had been trying for years to tell Christina how he felt but he was too shy

He had very little confidence and he wished he had more of it

What he didn't know was that Christina was also mad about him

She liked Robin but she didn't have enough courage to tell Robin how she felt so she covered up her own feelings by going out with other guys

Christina dated guys who were the opposite of Robin: jerks who loved themselves

If Christina was asked why she was in love with Robin, this is what she would have said: a sweet guy who has a caring nature, makes people feel good about themselves, kind and honest

Robin was no ugly mug either: he had a good cheekbone structure, beautiful green eyes, luscious kissable lips, a tightly shaved head, a breathtaking smile, all of which combined to give him a cute face and his sexy legs, beautiful arms, gorgeous chest, lovely ass and washboard stomach all gave him a hot body and he had a good dress sense

To make it obvious: Christina and Robin were in love with each other but didn't know how to tell each other how they felt

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