Sitting atop the tallest tower in Liam City, Latem Leones watches over the skyline with his mind focused on the coming day. Though you probably would not notice it by how much it was raining at the moment or the fact that he wore a hood over his head, Latem was in fact a lion. Albeit, he stood upright much like us but he was in fact a true blue lion who could communicate with us and had intelligence. Latem would seldom remember that he was in fact unique and one of the most intriguing creatures of our world.

"Man… it won't stop raining. All I wanted was to sit up here and now it's pouring." Said Leones who raised his head to watch as lighting struck. He wasn't all too surprised as Liam City, though in the middle of the desert of Nevada, was experiencing lots of downpour in the past few days. It was however clearer when Leones stopped by to sit for a moment at Liam City Tower to collect his thoughts.

Lifting his hood Latem revealed his definite lion head with a shaggy black brown main which was styled like a person's long hair. He preferred it loose and never tied it back choosing to look 'wild' as he put it. Staring up at the sky as rain continued to fall graciously, Latem took in the weather before then preforming a great leap from the tower window jumping to perform a free fall.

Now any sane person would never jump from a 1,000 foot building, yet Latem was not really one of us mind you. No, Latem Leones was… 'Especially gifted' and had soared through the air mid fall to leap onto the side of another building. This led to more jumps as he leaped high from every building with powerful force being spotted by the many citizens of Liam City who knew him as 'the Falcon Guild's Flying Lion'.

Latem yelled loud and proud as he jumped despite the fact the rain could have made him slip and fall at any moment. This was how he lived his life in the big city of Liam and he loved things to be this way. Though being Latem Leones was no easy thing either. Despite how carefree he was as he continued leaping across the buildings in the city his life was a rather complicated one. And it was not safe either (you probably already figured it out from his presented talents by now though).

As he made his way, Latem could spot out the large old building of the Falcon Guild just four miles away and continued making his way. But as he was doing so Latem then caught the sound of a shrill cry to the side. Flipping around his body, he was able to land on a flag pole and held on while turning his ear around for better clarity. You may not know this about lions but they are able to turn their ears around much like antenna to listen in on prey which was an ability Latem utilized to its fullest.

"Help! Get away- get away from me!"

Latem's eyes widened turning his head. "That was a woman's voice. She must be in trouble."

Turning around Latem took a dive from the flagpole falling down like a torpedo down the side of the building. Latem held a wild grin showing off his sharp canine teeth as he made his way closer to the busy streets. Then when he was closest to the ground Latem performed a perfect front flip speeding over onto a truck before leaping again across vehicles towards the noise. People walking by in the rain spotted Latem now with his hood off as he ran fast through the pouring rain. Some children even pointed fingers in excitement seeing the Falcon Guild's lion in action.

"Mommy, mommy look! It's Latem Leones! Can I help him fight the bad guys?" A small boy asked peering out his window.

His mother shut the curtain in front of her son. "Heavens no! That lion is good, he is, but he does dangerous work. You wouldn't want to get mixed up in any of that danger."

Latem was still running splashing puddles from the rain. He was in on the sounds location and spun around on his heel at an alleyway. What he found was a group of men holding back a young brown headed woman while another held a purse.

"Well, you certainly lied to us. You've got at least 10,000 dollars on you. We're gonna have to punish you for lying you know." A man with a black beanie said handing the purse over to another man. The woman yelped as she was held.

"No! Please don't! Don't hurt me!" she said as one of the men held back her forehead. The lead man had a fist raised ready to strike.

"This is what you get. Pay up!"

"Shut up ungrateful scum." Latem spoke out catching the group's attention. By then he had had enough of their banter and stepped closer into the alley. His black jacket and trousers were soaking and especially his boots giving him a sort of strange looking appearance to the thugs.

"Hey who the hell are you? Get the hell outta here!" one of the men yelled out stepping closer leaving the woman to be held back by one man. Latem began rubbing his black hair lazily taking in a breath.

"I heard the shriek of a maiden in trouble. Now I'm here to rescue here. Are you alright madam?"

The question was directed at the woman who looked over at Latem. She did not say a word having already heard about a lion in the city. Apparently that was very true.

"Hey I think you didn't here us. Get lost pal!" The man in the beanie stepped over cracking his knuckles in intimidation.

Latem did not budge merely staring at them before lifting up a cellphone from his pocket. He then pressed several buttons before raising it up to his head to listen in. the group of thugs and the woman watched as they heard the phone – which was on speaker- answer with a woman's voice.

"This is Liam City Hospital, what is your emergency?"

"Hi there, this is Latem Leones- the one from the Falcon Guild. Yeah you see I ran into not so gentle gentlemen harassing a young lady and I'm going to need a couple of ambulances. They're going to definitely need them if they want to live. Can you send them to West Misawa Street please?"

The line was silent for a moment as everyone watched Leones.

"How many do you need sir?"

At this Latem grinned again. He raised one of his paws up to point. "Oh I don't know. Let me get a head count of them. One, two, three… about eight are here. Yeah eight will be just fine ma'am."

Latem closed his phone at that moment as one of the thugs ran forward throwing a punch at him. Though this was a seemingly bad situation from an onlooker's point of view, Latem remained calm before side stepping and swinging his left fist to punch the man backwards into the ground. He then lay injured from his face while his group watched. Now their leader was clearly angered and gritted his teeth before running over at Latem.

"Damn you freaking punk!" he yelled swinging both of his arms wildly.

Latem continued dodging without too much effort before then grabbing the man's wrist stopping him dead in his tracks. The man looked up at the lion who still watched him idly without much of a thought or recognition.

"You're uncoordinated. And you lack any true fighting spirit. So you choose victims who are weaker than you. That only proves how much of a coward you and your followers really are." Latem finished his sentence gripping tighter on the man's wrist until a satisfied crack was heard.

The man screamed terribly into the rain for all of the city to hear. His goon ran forward leaving the woman to herself. She stood there watching as Latem punched away every one of them skillfully and with an elegant grace. He was cool and collected before then kicking the leader towards a nearby dumpster causing it to break from the force of it.

Latem turned his head over to look at everyone he defeated. "You'll all be pretty weak for a while now. I didn't do any damage to kill any of you but that should give you a lesson of never harming a lady like that. Think about it in prison."

The woman then got to her knees now completely shocked at what had happened. She continued watching Latem as he stood their coolly as the rain continued pouring over him as if nothing had even happened.

'Wow… this lion, he's amazing. He beat all of them.' The woman looked over at the many fallen men. She then noticed a shadow as Latem stood over her holding out his paw.

"Hey, are you alright lady? I didn't scare you or something did i?"

At this the woman blushed before taking his paw. "No, no, no! I- I'm fine. R- R- Really!" she let out somewhat nervously standing up. She had noticed that Latem's paw felt warm and comforting.

Latem himself had a smile. "Good. You're just a little bit naïve I think. Huh? Wait a minute you work for the Museum right by the Guild right? I've seen you before!" the lion said widening his large eyes to the woman who then remembered that she had been wearing her name tag.

"Oh y- yes I do! I actually heard something about a lion next door but I didn't think it would actually be… well you know. Um, you."

At this Latem held a curious look before smiling again. "Oh yeah. I don't think you get a lot of lions like me. But I'm 100% real. And that's a fact!"

The woman giggled a bit at how enthusiastic Latem sounded. Latem then raised up her bag quickly causing her to jump a bit before then looking up at him. The lion's eyes were closed as he held his smile.

"It's your bag right Ms. Natalie Wolfe? I'm sure you'd like it back."

"O-Oh. Thank you very much." The woman said grabbing her purse to her chest. Latem then turned around to walk out of the alley as the rain still poured over him.

"See ya around Ms. Wolfe. If you're ever in any more trouble I'll be there to rescue you." Latem said not facing her but raising a paw up for goodbye.

Before Natalie could say anymore Latem had already walked off out of her sight. She stood there now in complete and utter awe while remembering how Latem had quickly came to her aid. As the sirens of the ambulances sounded into the rain Natalie stood their fixed as she wondered if she would ever hear more about Latem Leones.



In the middle of the Great Liam City lies the old Falcon's Guild, an age old structure designed for the gifted. Like any other guild in this day and age the Falcon Guild accepted jobs and job opportunities for its members to complete without fail. The system is simple enough: if a member completes a job they receive a reward depending on the client- with the Guild receiving 10 percent interest from cash rewards- and members are allowed to live at the Guild quarters as long as they complete their tasks.

Now this particular Guild happened to be somewhat unique as it also had a school for teaching and training gifted youngsters to join the Guild or live in regular society. It is somewhat odd as children are able to interact with the Guild members who usually roam the main building conversing with one another or taking on assignments. It is truly interesting to see the many diverse members here if you were to ever step in to see them for yourself.

"Hey what's up guys? I just saved a pretty girl and I'm dying for relaxing time!" Latem announced entering into the Members hall casually. Some heard him as he walked past the many members who occupied tables and chairs eating and drinking on their time off.

This was the usual scene here. Many of the members enjoyed loitering in the members' hall exclusive to them to enjoy meals and take a breather from their jobs. It was also the main hub for the Guild and a central area as the entrance was actually in front of it. Latem frequented this place whenever he had the chance.

"Ah there you are Latem. The Guild Master was looking for you ya know?" a blonde haired woman, who was a bit older than Leones, said from behind the bar. She already knew what he was going to ask and snapped her fingers at the Chef behind her.

"Really? Then I'd better go see him. Right after I get some awesome steak!"

At that very moment a plate of the meat was shoved in front of the lion. Latem smiled gleefully and grabbed the steak up beginning to rip it apart with his teeth. Jasmine just stood there giggling at how Latem forgot about his table manners so quickly.

Then a scoff was heard as Latem and Jasmine turned over to see another Guild member. They were quite familiar with this tall muscle man who had short black hair and dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. He finished a drink before turning to Latem to speak.

"Horus said that he had something important for you to do Leones. You and Angela got to meet him today for your special assignment."

"I'm going Zolo. Sheesh! Let me get a bite to eat at least!" Latem responded continuing to gorge into his food while grabbing a nearby water to drink from.

Jasmine only giggled again. "He's something isn't he Daisuke? Latem never changes."

"I know. That's gonna get him a black eye one of these days." Zolo said grabbing another drink to gulp.

"That's harsh man. I'm really mellow you know? It get's me all kinds of cool friends!" Latem said finishing his meal. He then got up taking a walk towards the hall to meet with the Guild master.

Zolo sat there unimpressed slamming his two cups onto the table. "Jasmine, I need more!"