Chapter 2

Kira yawned as she slowly woke up. Thoughts on what to do about her situation already swarmed in her head. Rubbing her temples in a vain attempt to calm her mind, she thought back to the number of events that had occurred just yesterday night. She had cheated death, found out she was a kid again, kicked the crap out of Mazurka a second time, and gotten herself a servant who could turn from a fox to a beautiful girl at will.

"Sure…that kind of stuff happens all the time." Kira chuckled to herself, marveling at how incredible her situation truly was.

As she slowly became aware of her surroundings, she found that something about her apartment seemed different. Something about it seemed less…depressing. After another quick surveillance of the room, Kira realized what was so different.

My room is clean!

Her room, no, her apartment in general had always been a terrible thing to look at, let alone live in. it was such a horrid place that Kira often thought that the reason she never seemed to have problems with bugs or rats was because the place was unsuitable even for them. But now, everything was clean. The windows were sparkling, her clothes weren't scattered across the floor, the trash was gone, some holes had been patched up, and, heck, even the door was back on its hinges.

To add to all that, a most intoxicating aroma was coming from the kitchen…

Kira slowly got out of bed, walking towards the kitchen and closer to the smell. When she entered the kitchen, she was surprised yet again.

"Good morning, Kira-sama." Yuzura turned and bowed to her.

She wasn't surprised to see Yuzura, but was more astounded by the feeling of someone greeting her when she got up. She had always been used to quietness in the morning but now, there was someone to greet her…

It was strange, but nice…

"Morning, Yuzura." Kira yawned.

"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." Yuzura smiled at her before turning back to her cooking. "Please wait until then."

"Er…thanks." Kira grinned.

A pretty girl cooking breakfast for her…another surprise, and definitely one she could get used to.

"So, what are your plans for today?" Yuzura asked, trying to strike up a conversation. "Do you need anything that requires my assistance?"

"Today? I don't think so." Kira said, taking a seat at the table. "If I remember right, today I get assigned to my squad." She took another quick look around her apartment. "Besides, you've done more than enough already. I've never seen this place so clean…ever."

"It is common for servants to clean up after their masters." Yuzura replied. "This place was in terrible condition. I have made it suitable so that Kira-sama would be more comfortable living here."

"Still, thank you." Kira smiled. "I feel a little bad about it though. Did you get any sleep? You must've done it at night so…"

"It took no time at all." Yuzura smiled reassuringly, placing Kira's breakfast before her. "I was also careful not to wake you. Foxes are very quiet and stealthy."

"Even so, you…" Kira trailed off as the smell was too overwhelming when it was directly under her nose. She looked down to see a big, steaming bowl of ramen. If the smell wasn't a deceiver, she couldn't wait to taste it.

"My skills in the kitchen are mediocre, but I hope you are satisfied with it." Yuzura said, shifting her feet nervously. "S-Since it was the only thing in your pantry I assumed Kira-sama had a certain fondness for ramen so…"

The girl dipped her chopsticks in the bowl and grabbed a few noodles. She slowly took a bite out of her meal.

"Is…is it any good?" Yuzura asked anxiously.

"Delicious." Kira stated happily, quickly digging into her meal vigorously.

"I'm glad." Yuzura sighed in relief, smiling brightly at her compliment. "I'll begin putting the dishes away."

"Aren't you going to eat with me?" Kira asked. Her eating came to a halt.

"Eat with you?" Yuzura asked. " I only made enough for Kira-sama…"

"There's enough for two people." Kira said, quickly dashing over to the cupboards and grabbing another bowl and chopsticks. She poured half of her meal into it.

"I don't need anything. Why do you want me to eat with you?" Yuzura asked curiously.

"Well…it feels awkward if I'm eating by myself when another person is in the house." Kira smiled sheepishly. "Besides, I'll feel even worse about you cleaning my room and cooking me this great breakfast if I don't share with you."

"But…I made it for you, not me." Yuzura protested.

"Yuzura, it bugs me when someone does so much for me and I don't show any gratitude for it." Kira said. "And you should know, I LOVE ramen. I never share it. I'm sharing MY ramen with you. This is an offer you can't refuse."

Yuzura just stared at her. She brought a hand to her mouth as she started to giggle.

"Oy, what's so funny?"

"Kira-sama is an amusing master." Yuzura giggled.

"You said something similar last night." Kira grumbled.

"Fine. If Kira-sama permits it, I will eat with her." She said with a smile as she took her bowl.

"I permit it." Kira said, rolling her eyes. This whole servant and master relationship wasn't something she would entertain.

"I'm glad that I've learned so much about you already." Yuzura smiled. Kira arched an eyebrow at her. "I look forward to finding out more about my new master."

"And I look forward to getting to know my new friend better." Kira replied.

"…Friend…?" Yuzura mouthed, the word sounding strange and foreign to her. She looked down at her meal and back at Kira.

"…What is it?" Kira asked uneasily. Her gaze was making her feel a little uncomfortable. Kira arched an eyebrow when she bowed her head with a red face.

"Kira-sama is a really kind master…" Yuzura said quietly.

"Huh? I couldn't hear that." Kira was going to ask her to repeat what she had said until she noticed she lacked one article of clothing. "Oh, uh, I'll go put on a shirt."


"Why?" Kira repeated, surprised by her question. "…Because it's not fitting for me to be in front of you without all my clothes on."

"But it's your house."

"Yes, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still impolite."

"Oh…" Yuzura nodded in understanding. Kira quickly made a dash for her room.

"…Uh, Yuzura?"

"Yes, Kira-sama?"

"Where are my clothes?" Kira asked, only finding her socks, underwear, and bras in her dresser.

"I threw them out."

"YOU WHAT!" Kira shouted, running back into the kitchen and staring at her incredulously. "Why?"

"I don't know if you were aware of this, but your dresser was filled with bright, orange jumpsuits." Yuzura replied calmly, fixing her with a serious gaze. "I had assumed it was because Kira-sama couldn't afford clothing more suitable for a ninja."


"Yes. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to remain stealthy while wearing an ugly thing like that. Enemies would spot you a mile away!"


"So last night I took the liberty of getting you clothes befitting for a ninja." Yuzura reported happily. "They are waiting for you next to your bed. I am confident that you will be able to move more easily in them and I hope they are to your liking."

"T-Thank you…" Kira smiled weakly, moving over to he desk next to her bed to pull on her new clothes.

Her old clothes didn't look that bad did they? Still, the words Yuzura used to describe her old clothes made her start to question her fashion sense. Well, at least she could still confidently say that she had a better fashion sense than Lee.


Kira stepped into her old room in the academy, wearing loose cargo pants and a black t-shirt. She smiled at the sight of all her old friends. This was back before all their trouble started, and a time where she had just been happy being a ninja. Everyone in this room but her was blissfully unaware of what a cruel, harsh life a ninja would have to lead. They didn't know about the pain and suffering a ninja would experience sometimes in their lives. No one here knew about the Dark Souls or Ace…

I really miss these peaceful days…

"Get away from MY Raiden, Suzume!"

Naomi's shrill, immature voice was like music to her ears.

Kira smiled fondly at her old teammates. They all looked like they did before, young and alive. Naomi was arguing with Suzume over who would sit next to Raiden. She was back to being the long-haired Raiden fan girl that paid Kira little to no attention. The same went for Suzume as well. Beside the bickering duo sat her best friend. It was the old Raiden who was her best friend, not the crazy, blood thirsty demon who had killed her in another life. She took the time to look at all of her once deceased friends. Shane was tossing a ball across the room, laughing as Akamaru ran around trying to catch the rolling ball. Kenji was eating a bag of chips next to a sleeping Arina, while Ryan read a book about bugs. A seat behind them Aden was looking around nervously, probably wondering who his new teammates would be. Kira cracked her knuckles and confidently stepped into the classroom. It was time to make an impression. And maybe have a little fun while she was at it.

But first…

"Morning, Aden!"

The Hyugga boy jumped when he heard his name. He gasped and blushed when he saw who addressed him. Aden was surprised that Kira had greeted him, and was even more surprised when she made her way over to him.

"K-Kira?" Aden stuttered. "Y-You're here! I thought that you didn't …"

"Pass?" Kira finished for him, flashing a warm smile. "Yeah. I didn't. But I recently learned a really cool technique that allowed me to graduate. Pretty sweet, right?"

"O-Oh! T-That's g-good, I-I'm h-happy y-you passed." Aden managed to get out.

Aden was overjoyed that his crush was talking to him, but he couldn't imagine what reason she had for doing so. Maybe she was just being friendly…? Still, she had never shown him any interest before. Hell, he had always thought that Kira didn't even know who he was or that he even existed. Yet, here she was talking to him. Miraculously, she was still talking to him.

"So, is there anyone you want to be on a team with?" Kira asked curiously.

"Ah, um, everyone is nice so… it d-doesn't really m-matter to me…" Shane smiled, trying to keep himself from fainting. Secretly, he wanted to be on Kira's team. Not that he'd ever tell her that. "I-Is there, um, anyone you have in mind, K-Kira?"

"There are a few I'd prefer." Kira replied, looking around. "Though, I'd die if I were with Ryan or Shane. One has less of a personality than a log and the other would probably give me fleas."

"Hey, that's not nice, Kira." Aden scolded, even though he was chuckling.

"But, if I had to choose. I'd like to be on the same team as you." Kira said casually.

"W-What?" Aden gasped, not sure if he had heard her right. "W-With me…?"

"I should probably grab a seat before Akuma shows up." Kira said mostly to herself, noticing Aden's frazzled state, but acting oblivious to it. "It was nice talking to you, Aden. See ya later!"

The boy, at a loss of words, just waved dumbly as she walked away.

Kira left with a satisfied smirk on her face. He was just so damn cute when he was blushing. A few choice memories from her past life flooded in her mind, happy memories that she treasured, and all of them included a handsome raven-haired Hyugga boy who had always been there for her, the boy that had always loved her…

"Kira, how are you feeling?" Shane asked, sitting by her.

"Anxious. Excited. Worried. I'm feeling lots of things right now." Kira sighed, running her hands through her blonde shock of hair.

The two ninja were sitting atop of a hill just outside the village. Both looked up at the night sky. There was an abundance of stars out tonight, and a full moon. They would be able to appreciate the beauty of it all if tomorrow's events weren't clouding their minds.

"Addam plans to dominate the world by projecting his Mangeko Sakurigan on the moon." Kira repeated Addam's plan that she and the other Kages had gone over numerous times. "To do so, he'll use the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path and fuse the nine demons into their original ten-tailed demon form and become its jinchuriki so he can gain enough power to hypnotize everyone in the world to achieve 'peace'. A fake, hollow peace with no meaning."

"Tomorrow we launch the attack. It's the first time all of the ninja countries have ever united together." Aden remarked. He smiled at the girl who had made it all possible. "Wouldn't it be nice if everything stayed like this even after we defeat Addam?"

"That would be." Kira chuckled. "Bee and Garret would love the idea. I might be able to get the Misukage to agree, but that stubborn, old Tsuchaikage would never agree to it." Kira sighed and stared up at the starry night sky. "Things would have gone a lot smoother if it wasn't for Byron's brother, the Sandaikage…"

"…Byron is a better leader than that power hungry fool ever was." Aden said with distaste, remembering how the Sandaikage had been swayed by Zarrata's promises and betrayed their alliance. "He won't be bothering us now though…"

"Yeah, but now Addam's got the undead Dark Souls on his side thanks to Zarrata, not to mention a good majority of Lightning country and other crazy followers. It's going to make the fighting much tougher." Kira sighed. Her face held a melancholy expression. "And I'll finally have that rematch with Raiden tomorrow…"

"What are you going to do about him?" Aden asked.

"I…I still want to save him, but…" Kira trailed off. She closed her eyes. "People keep telling me one of us is going to die in that fight. I want to save him, but not if it ends up costing any lives. I don't want to lose anyone."

"You won't." Aden reassured, taking one of her hands in both of his. "Kira, you'll help us through this fight. You've gained so many allies and have so many friends who support you. You're the first person who has ever united the five villages together, and Tsunade has named you as her successor. Once the battle is finished you'll be the next Hokage. You've finally accomplished your dream. You should be confident, not sad."

"I know. I should be." Kira smiled. "…I finally have everything I've always wanted. I have friends, people respect me, I'm going to be the next Hokage, and I've got a great guy who loves me." Kira smiled warmly at the Hyugga boy, causing him to blush. Kira turned away. "But I just can't shake this uneasy feeling in my chest…"


"I'm afraid some of us won't make it back…I'm afraid I'm not going to make it back…"

"Don't say that."

"You know, I never did give you a reply to your confession, did I?" Kira said, smiling at Aden.

The boy blushed. The two had talked about it, and it was clear what he felt towards the future Hokage, but she had never given him a proper answer. Small talks, an infrequent holding of hands, and small moments like these were all they had. Yet, she had never actually responded to his confession when he protected her from Hitori.

"Aden, I treasure every moment I spend with you. Every time I see your smile I think that I'm the luckiest girl in the world for having someone as handsome as you love me." Kira said. She gently held his hands in hers and leaned her face closer to his.

"K-Kira…" Aden whispered softly, his blush lighting up his face.

"I don't know what tomorrow's battle will be like, but I do know I want to spend every remaining moment I have with you…" Kira said softly.

Her face slowly got closer and closer to his. Aden leaned forward, his eyes closing only halfway.

"So I want to make it clear to you that I…"

Her confession was followed by their first kiss. They had spent their final night in each others arms. The next day they had their final kiss when he lay dying in her arms. A few hours later was when she died, remembering him and a;; her friends who had died before her and whom she had failed to protect due to her weakness and indecision…

I'll never forget those moments with you… Kira thought wistfully. She silently vowed to make new ones with this new life.

She gazed up determinedly at her new targets. Her old teammates, Naomi and Raiden, the first thing she had to do was get back the bond she shared with her teammates. Kira put on her best smile as she approached the bickering Raiden fan girls known as Naomi and Suzume.

"Morning Suzume, Naomi!" Kira greeted, slowing to a more casual pace as she approached them.

The two girls gave a quick glance in her direction. Naomi gave an unladylike snort when she realized who exactly was addressing her. Suzume was also visibly distressed by the blonde's sudden appearance and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Kira, what are YOU doing here? In case, you didn't know you were only supposed to attend class today, if you passed the graduation exams." Suzume sneered at her.

"Yeah. You couldn't even make one clone." Naomi said, pointing at her mockingly.

"Well, in case you didn't notice, I have a headband on." Kira smiled, gesturing to her forehead. "I learned a little trick that allowed me to graduate, so here I am."

"No way!" Suzume said disbelievingly.

"Yes way. Now if you'll excuse me…"

Kira went around the tow girls and sat beside Raiden. The Mahora paid her no mind and continued to stare straight ahead. Kira smiled and casually kicked her feet up on the desk to relax. She turned her head towards Raiden who was trying to burn a hole in the wall with his glare.

"What is it about the wall you find so fascinating?" Kira asked the boy next to her jokingly. Raiden grunted in response and closed his eyes.

"Hey! That's my seat, Kira!" Naomi shouted.

"What are you talking about, Forehead girl? That seat is mine!" Suzume countered.

"I'm Kira, by the way." Kira smiled, ignoring the girl's prattle for now. She jabbed a thumb backwards. "And in case you haven't noticed, you've got two pretty girls fighting over you."

Raiden didn't even look at her. Naomi and Suzume blushed at Kira's unexpected compliment, but they were not so flattered as to give up the only remaining seat to their beloved Raiden. Just as they were about to threaten the blonde, Kira decided to open their mouth. She turned towards the two girls and fixed them with a serious gaze.

"Sorry ladies, it looks like I have some bad news." Kira frowned at them. "It would appear that our dear friend Raiden is gay."

"I'm WHAT?" Raiden shouted, standing up.

The class instantly grew silent. All eyes were on the Mahora. It wasn't just because of Kira's sudden accusation, but it was the first time the stoic boy had ever shown any real emotion in front of anyone. Kira held up her hands in defense.

"Whoa, no need to get so worked up. I mean it's just something I concluded through observation." Kira said defensively.

"What are you talking about?" The Mahora demanded.

"Dude, you'd have to be some kind of homosexual if you don't react to this." Kira said, gesturing to Naomi and Suzume. "Not just them, but almost every girl in the academy literally throw themselves at you everyday and you show absolutely no interest in them. So I just assumed that you preferred a man's embrace rather than a girl's."

"Screw you! I'm straight!" Raiden yelled, glaring at the girl.

"Some attitude you've got there. I can see you'll make one man very happy one day." Kira smirked.

By now, most of the guys in the room were snickering at the uncharacteristically distressed Mahora and Kira's wild, if plausible, accusation. Almost all the girls had looks of distress on their faces, almost looking like they believed Kira. The demon container snickered to herself. This was way better than the original scenario when she had tried to have a staring contest with Raiden on her desk. That had turned out badly for both of them and she was still disgusted by the memory. This was a lot funnier.

"I-Is it true, Raiden?" Suzume asked fearfully. "Are you really…like that?"

"She's an idiot! Don't listen to a word she says!" Raiden protested desperately.

"They say denial is the first stage." Kira taunted, earning horrid gasps from the girls and laughter from the guys.

"Shut up! Why do you think-!"

"Morning class!" Akuma smiled as he stepped into the classroom. You would have never guessed he had surgery for his back the night before. He looked completely healthy. As Akuma made his way to his desk, he was mildly surprised to find the class in an uproar. "Wow, everyone sure is excited today. Um, Raiden, is there something wrong?"

"N-Nothing's wrong, sensei." Raiden replied, quickly regaining his composure and returning to his seat. He quietly folded his hands in front of him. "Nothing at all…"

"Yeah. We just learned something new about our friend Raiden today." Kira said loudly, earning chuckles form the majority of the male population of the class and worried looks form the females.

"Shut it, dobe!" Raiden growled, launching a hard punch on the girl's arm. Kira chuckled as she rubbed the sore spot on her arm.

"Settle down!" Akuma ordered, fixing the class with a stern gaze. He was a little thrown off by how worked up Raiden seemed to be, but he felt like he shouldn't question it. "Could everyone please take their seats?"

Everyone sat down. Naomi quickly grabbed the seat next to Kira, forcing Suzume to take the empty seat next to Arina. Akuma pulled out a list naming the teams and their Junín teachers. Kira smiled to herself. She already knew what the teams would be.

"I will now read off the teams you'll be in." Akuma announced. "Team Seven under Ren Sasaki will be Naomi Kurosaki…Raiden Mahora…"

"Yes!" Naomi shouted in triumph and joy, earning a collective of groans and whines from many of the females in the class and an indignant shout from Suzume.

"…And Kira Tamanaka." Akuma finished.

"…Aw…" Naomi groaned when she heard who her third teammate was. Raiden appeared indifferent while Kira just shrugged and gave the brunette-haired girl a light smile.

A few seats below them, a certain Hyugga lowered his head in disappointment.

"This means I won't be with Kira" Aden mumbled quietly to himself.

"Team Eight under Kerenai Yuuhi will consist of Ryun Aburmi, Aden Hyugga…and Shane Inazuka." Akuma continued.

Aden almost fell over in his seat. Strange his teammates were the two people Kira had joked about before. The boy turned around to glance at his new companions. Shane sneezed and snorted while Ryun sat in his seat looking as emotionless as ever. Aden sighed to himself. He hoped that he'd get along with them at least.

Suzume was more distressed when she found out that lazy Arina and fat boy Kenji were on her team. Later, she'd be far less impressed with her sensei Asuma Senju than she was with her two teammates.

"I'll be giving all of the teams their papers stating where you will be meeting your sensei's." Akuma announced after he finished naming the teams. "You are to go to these locations immediately after I have dismissed you all from class."

Akuma proceeded to hand out the papers to their respective teams. After doing so, the teacher smiled at the students he'd taught for the past few years.

"I am pleased that so many have graduated this year. I am proud of each and every one of you. I know each of you will grow up to be excellent shinobi." Akuma smiled. His gaze rested on each graduate in the class, though he stared at Kira for a few extra moments before moving on to the next face. "The path of a shinobi is long and difficult, but I know each of you have what it takes to become great ninja. Good luck to you all. Class dismissed!"

Class had been dismissed, but Team Seven was forced to stick around inside the academy due to their sensei. The paper said to meet inside the academy at three o'clock, but their teacher was terribly late. Everyone else had left to meet with their teachers or was picked up, but it was already close to five and Team Seven's sensei had yet to show up. While this came as no surprise to Kira, Naomi and Raiden were frustrated by their sensei's lateness.

"Argh! What's taking him so long?" Naomi demanded, looking up at the clock over Akuma's desk. "The letter said three! We've been waiting for two hours!"

"He'll be here eventually." Kira said casually, slowly getting up from her chair.

"Why are you so nonchalant about this?" Naomi asked the blonde as she made her way towards the chalkboard and picked up an eraser. She expected the usually hyperactive girl to be the one throwing a tantrum, not her.

"I don't mind having a little quiet time with my teammates." Kira smiled at Naomi. The girl blinked at the other's warm attitude, and was surprised by the way she was acting. "Hand me that chair, will you?"

"S-Sure." Naomi said, picking up a chair near the front row and handed it to the girl. "What do you need it for?"

"Just a little prank." Kira replied, stepping up on the chair and placing the eraser on the top of the door. She remembered doing this before and thought it'd be fun to do it again.

"No self-respecting Junín would fall for that." Raiden put in, scoffing at the childish prank.

"Maybe." Kira shrugged, already predicting what would happen. "But if it does work, I'll just blame it on you."


A few minutes later, Ren Sasaki stepped through the door, the eraser falling on his head as he opened it. The copy nin blinked when a small dust cloud settled over his head. He adjusted his lopsided headband stupidly. Naomi let out a few giggles while Raiden tried to contain his laughter and keep up his cool, emotionless front. Kira just shrugged and smiled to herself.

"It's not as funny the second time." She muttered to herself.

"Hm…" Ren overlooked his new students as he recovered himself. "Based on first impressions…I hate you and you're all going to fail."

Naomi and Raiden glared at their sensei's attitude. Kira was trying her best not to jump and shout for joy. Seeing people who she saw die in a previous life was getting too much for her. Seeing Ren again was just too good to be true.

"Whatever. Meet me on the roof in ten." Ren relayed to his team then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Naomi and Raiden groaned. Based on his attitude an the prank, he would probably turn out to be a terrible sensei who hated their guts. The two turned towards Kira who was chuckling to herself. The blonde smiled at them.

"I like him. What do you guys think?"

Her teammates glared at her.