Love Bites

Chapter 1

The Basics

Hi, my name is Ezra. I am fourteen and I'm here today to tell you about the people who complicate my life:

Drew; she is THE worst sister. Ever.

Bailey; she very possibly be the most annoying twelve-year-old on the planet.

Ano; he hates me. I hate him.

Brody; his ego? Bigger than Jupiter.

Lucille; Oldest. Lady. Ever.

And now for the people I live for:

Ani; Ano's sister. BFF!

Blake; SOO HOT! But he's a vampire…

Argos íes; a.k.a. Ammo. Also EXTREMELY hot. Also extremely undead.

Cecilia Annette Louisa; my aunt. (I know, she has a REALLY LONG name)

Lilli; my vampire sister

Ok, honestly the people I live for is (sadly) equal to the people I hate. Anyway, I live in "A Place for Those Whom Are Different" a.k.a. where crazy people go. But I'm not! Nobody here is (except maybe Lucille); they really are just… different. For instance, (brace yourself for the insanity) I'm a pixie. Sounds crazy, I know. My twin sister (Lilli) is a vampire. So are Blake and Ammo. Ani and Drew are also pixies and Bailey, Brody and Ano are nymphs (people who adapt to survive). My aunt and Lucille are both mages. I room with Ani and Lilli, but we all rarely sleep. Well, during the day we're assigned to read a book for a few hours. Then they give us these wired little blue pills… and finally they let us do as we please to a certain extent. So right now we have just finished swallowing our pills. I get up and go over to a janitor's closet for a mop; Drew spilled her milk on the floor and I have to clean it up. I swing the door open and guess who is in there; Ammo and Lilli feeding. Let me explain, when a vampire hungers for blood, they have two options; Option A. Kill innocent mortals for blood Option B. Feed off of other vampires. Obviously, they should choose option A. (just kidding, it's probably a lot better to choose option B.)

"Ahem, hem, hem…" I say to get their attention. They spring off of each other and clean the blood off their faces. "So, how are you?" I say teasingly. Ammo blinks out of kill-kill-die-die mode and stomps away.

"Why'd you do that!" says Lilli and sprints after him. I can hear their conversation vaguely.

"Wait, Ammo…"


"I thought you loved –"

"I do… but we can't feed just anywhere."

"I know. My room is empty?"


And Ammo and Lilli start sucking face. God, what does she have that I don't (fangs?)?

I go and sit back at the haphazard cafeteria with Ani and Bailey.

"So what's their deal?" asks Bailey, gesturing to Ammo and Lilli.

"N.O.Y.B." I say.


"None of your business. Leave it alone, Bailey." I reply defensively. I slam my tray down on the table and run off down an unknown corridor. It gets darker and darker until I am in almost complete darkness. I try to scream as something pulls me into what should be a wall, but I seem to just go right through.

"Shh…" he says. He pulls me closer to him and starts kissing me. I reach my hand up to find a light switch. I find a chain and pull it as my eyes snap open to see who I'm swapping gum with.

"Ahh!" I screech as I see who it is. Ano. "What the hell is your problem?" I say.

"C'mon, Bails," he opens his eyes. "Ahh!" he seems just as scared as I was – am – and I almost feel bad for him. "This, umm…"

"Never happened." I say sternly and seriously.

"Agreed." I get up awkwardly and hear him thinking, damn… it was still hot… I'd like to see that without a –,

"Ugh! Pervert!" I say and stomp out. Did I mention? I can hear people's thoughts? No… well now you know. And quite frankly, it's assuring to hear what people honestly think of you.

Back in the cafeteria I tell Ani that her brother is a pervert and should be locked up. Then she reminds me that we already are. Then it hits me; before he realized it was me, he said:

C'mon, Bails, as in "Bailey". Ooh, do I have dirt on them or what!

Chapter 2

Love, life, and Lilli

As I skip merrily, meaning I trudge quite depressed, back to my room the dame (as in the keeper of us "crazies") announces: Everyone back in their rooms, by ten! I crush the door open to find Lilli stripping for Ammo.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… VISUAL!" she looks back at me and sprints for the closet.

"Goddamn, don't you knock?" I knock on the open door. "Oh, thank you." She says annoyed.

"Okay, I guess I'll just bunk in with Ani upstairs." I climb up the ladder up to Ani's room. "Hey, An, looks like Lills and Ammo are gonna do it!" I say shaking her to wake her up.

"Really? You think?"

"No, they're both thinking it."

"Well, I guess we'll find out." We crawl over to the mesh hole in the floor that Ani and I have used to spy on Lilli and Ammo before. Ammo pins her on the floor and she gives him her forearm. He sinks his teeth into her and she bites his neck sensually. They both pull out and start kissing, fang to fang, blood to blood. It's romantic and incredibly disgusting. He bites her shoulder ripping her bra off. And that is when Ani and I STOPPED watching. She goes and vomits out the window and I sit there star struck. It is nasty and perverted but I am fixated on how in love they are. They drag each other over to her bed, out of sight of the hole and I am forced to peel away and comfort my hurling friend.

After we wake up in the morning, I sit Ani down on the bed and comfort her.

"Well, is your sister still a virgin?" she asks gingerly.

"Damn, you have seen vampire sex and vomited and yet you still care if she's a virgin?" she laughs.

"Well, we're going to hell anyway. Damned at the second we first used our powers. And damn, Ammo is freaking sexy, I'm surprised he hasn't tapped that ass yet." I whack her on the arm.

"You're forgetting that ass is my sister! God. Oh, and if you were wondering, they're both having 'the morning after' guilt."

"Holy shit, so they actually did it?" I nod awkwardly. We both climb down to investigate when I come to see Bailey, Ano and Brody with wet red pools around them. We both scream and with Ani's fragile stomach, she begins vomiting again.

"Lilli? What the hell? HEY!" I scream to wake them up. Lilli wakes up, she's blood drunk.

"What do you want, bitch?" she says not realizing who I am. I smack her and she wakes up fully.

"What the hell happened?" I yell while Ani goes over to her bleeding brother.

"What do you mean–" she sees them –"Oh my god…"