When I'm with him

My mind and body is at peace

The world in unity

And it feels as everything is exactly as it should be

I do not hunger

-I do not thirst

- I do not crave

-I do not yearn

-I do not seek happiness

In anything other than him


I hunger for his smile

Thirst for his laugh

Crave the gentle, hesitant kisses that he places across my lips

Yearn for the way his nimble fingers trace circles absentmindedly over my skin

And seek happiness in the beauty of utter silence as we hold each other close

He is my best friend


-And I would trust him with my life

Perhaps I expect so much because I would do-anything and everything- for him

Our relationship is not created purely on lust-

Glamour in sparkles to look like love


When we kiss, I feel the sincerity down to the marrow of bones

His looks search deep, and find exactly what they heed

We dig to the ugly and most broken parts of our souls

It's out best parts

And it's so breathtaking-like he is when he smiles and I wish nothing more than to bath in that perfect piece of forever for all my days-

When we reach down

It is-without a doubt- the most soul finding experience when you can stare

Into the darkest parts of one's existence

See mirror image of yourself

And realize this makes you love said person a thousand times more

I cry for you and for us

Because I never ever want to lose you

I don't know what's to come tomorrow or the next day

Other than I wish you to be always at my side

At this point I know him almost well enough

To expect his responses, the

Mannerisms so unique to his character

But at other times he surprise me totally

I love it when he does that

I feel like I can usually read between the lines or see through the fortress he uses to

Assure he wont get hurt

The words painted in bold against the wall

In turn I can also break it down

To let me in and share

And even if he builds it back up

I'm with him

So neither has to be alone anymore

He is my inspiration

My inspiration used to come sparingly

A spark in an inky black cave

Or a single lonely star suspended in an ebony canvass that stretches onto forever

But since him…it's like a shooting star

Exploding across the sky

Filling my mind with words, overflowing, streaming until the pour from my mind

And transform onto ink

Spilling across empty pages

You told me I saved you

I think it's the other way around

You don't know

How far I was

And you brought me back


At the very least, I can honestly say

Perhaps…we saved each other