Okay, I'm back.


I mean, a little under a couple years isn't too bad - right?

Okay! For those of you who haven't looked at my profile anytime recently - not that I'm surprised - you would know that I have lost everything for this story. The original and what little I re-wrote is gone. It happened in the midst of a computer switch. I freaked out for a bit, considering I not only lost Sticks and Stones but also Pins and Needles (and not to mention every other story I've ever attempted to write). Bummer, I know. But I'm gonna try and revamp this whole thing - characters are going to change (not the names, I assure you), plot will be fixed (God knows it's necessary), and basically the whole thing is going to...develop into what I hope is good enough for anyone reading, and for myself. I think the main reason I never finished rewriting it was because I just didn't like looking at my 12/13 year old writing. I kinda gave up on this story for a long time thinking it was a lost cause. But now that's gonna change.

I don't know when the first chapter will be up; I started it, but for now I'm gonna try and get the outline out of the way now that I kind of have an idea of where I wanna go with this story. Chapters will also be longer and I'm gonna try and find a good updating schedule so that I'm not leaving three month gaps between every chapter (heh heh). I don't doubt that most people have forgotten about this story, but for those of you who remember Gracelyn and Koda and the hellish world of werewolves I attempted to create (if it wasn't hellish then, it's gonna be hellish now), I hope you forgive my utter lack of attention I was supposed to be giving to Sticks and Stones when I didn't, and I'll talk to you all when chapter one is up!

- worthwritingfor (or Anna, whatever works)

p.s. - who likes the new summary?