It was the unsinkable ship which would sail to America,

A ship of dreams for those wanting to live the 'American dream'.

But the dream snarled into a tragic nightmare;

11:40pm, on the 14th April 1912, the call rang out that still rings across the sea.

Iceberg ahead; the white spike in the water luring the ship to it like a siren.

The iceberg ploughed into the starboard side,

While barrels of water began to fill in the holes left but the breach had been made.

It had seemed like a monster had clawed the bow of the ship and had begun to pull it under the surface.

The screams of adults in panic while the children cried out for comfort, for safety.

The crew had believed the myth as well as the passengers, their minds brimming over with desperation.

The "Woman and children first" protocol was followed though the lifeboats that sat like sitting ducks, still had seats; seats which only ghosts could fill.

The class divides was still regimented, the lower class left fending for themselves like scavengers;

Many trapped in a watery grave, trapped in, as one of the ship's lost treasures that lay strewn among the wreckage. Though only in death would be the true equaliser.

Music played still, as if attempting to lift the panic and replace it with a calmer edge. They would play even when the ship went down.

Crying passengers were put into lifeboats, already grieving for those they left behind.

The men staying strong as if that would hold the ship up.

The darkness fell on the ship at 2:18am, an eerie silence floating on the water's surface.

A ship of dreams, now pointed to the sky, while hundreds of people still held on to what was to be a hopeless dream.

But by 2:20am,on the 15th April 1912, the bow section broke lose, allowing the stern to sink beneath the waves.

While people fell into the icy water left to drown. 13 being lucky to have drifted into the sight of a lifeboat, to be pulled in.

Carpathia, had answered their distress calls at 4am, and helped the survivors go home, with the nightmare burnt into their memories.

All that was left to do was count the dead that lie afloat with lifejackets, or who had gone down with the ship.

53 children lost to the waves, 1 in first class the rest in third.

56 saved, though some left orphans or with a parent departed.

109 women lost to the waves; 4 in first, 13 in second, 89 in third and 3 crew.

316 saved, though some, maybe many, having lost a loved one.

1,352 men lost to the waves; 118 in first, 154 in second, 387 in third and 693 crew.

338 saved, aged by the events they had to bare witness to.

2224 had boarded RMS Titanic, whether it be for work or pleasure or the almost tangible essence or a dream; only 710 were saved.

The sea having claimed 1514 lives, having had washed away some of their identities.

Leaving the generations afterwards, questioning which grave they should visit.

Their sadness at the past still weighing on their shoulders as they say goodbye to a nameless grave scattered in places. While the Titanic now resides about 2.4 miles under the sea, and around 370 miles from Forgotten Point, Newfoundland.

But those who have gone, will never be forgotten; because even 100 years after their tragedy has touched millions of hearts; sheading many tears and casting silence among many as remembrance.

For those who are entrapped in the legend of Titanic, whether you are this generation or past, I will never forget you.