The Fletcher Family is fictional. There was a woman who's last name was Fletcher that rode on the Titanic. She got on in France and off in England.


Charles Fletcher April 10th

I stand with my sisters Elizabeth and Aileen on the South Hampton dock. Waiting to board the Titanic.

Part of me swells with joy to ride such a magnificent ship. But a small part of me is uneasy.

"Now be good and don't cause any trouble for Charles and Elizabeth." Aunt Mary tells Aileen. Aileen smiles and nods.

Aunt Mary sighs, little Nick giggles with our cousins.

I kneel in front eight year old Nick.

"You be good for Aunt Mary now and we will see you all in America." I tell him. "I will Charlie." He says, smiling.

Finally the call comes to board.

We embrace, I pick up Aileen and we leave.

"God be with you." Aunt Mary cries after us.

Lizzie and I turn and wave.

The moment to board has come; I hand the officer our ticket. He checks it and we enter the ship.

We head for on room and unpack.

Lizzie plays with her necklace. A sign that she's nervous.

"Calm down Lizzie, nothing is going to happen." I say.

Lizzie shivers.

"I can't stop thinking about mother." She whispers.

I remember the day when both our mother and uncle Richard drowned. It was the worse day of our lives.

Tears well up in my eyes.

I hug Lizzie.

"I promise that everything is going to be alright." I say.


Elizabeth Fletcher April 14, 1912 9:30 pm

A missionary gave a wonderful sermon.

The day was cold but soon we'll be in New York.

I carefully tuck Aileen into bed.

"Good night Aileen." I say. "Good night Lizzie." She says.

I change into my nightdress and crawl into my own bunk and fall asleep.

I dream that we are in New York with father. He is so happy to see us. He scoops Aileen up and spins around. Aileen shrieks with joy.

I hear a strange scrapping sound like something on metal.

Dad hugs me and Charlie, a smile on his face.

Suddenly a loud crashing sound makes me sit up in bed. An officer stands there.

"Put on your life vests and go to the Boat Deck. Bring blankets." He says before disappearing.

I hear him open another door and give the same orders.

Confused I climb out of bed and pull on a life vest and help Aileen put on one, it's too big for her.

Charlie grabs blankets off the bunks, picks up Aileen, takes my hand and takes us to the Boat Deck.

"What's going on Charlie?" I ask as we exit third class and come onto the Boat Deck. "I don't know Lizzie, I don't know." Is his response.

Charlie stumbles and I fall to the deck.

The deck isn't flat. It's tilting and not in the way that the ship usually tilts and the tilt seems to get more pronounced.

My heart pounds in my chest.

Charlie pulls me back to my feet and hurries forward.

They are loading a lifeboat.

"Woman and children first!" The officer in charge says as we approach.

I freeze.

"Get in the boat Elizabeth." Charlie says as he hands Aileen to a woman in the lifeboat.

I hesitate before climbing in.

"I'll be on a later boat." He says before stepping back.

Soon the boat is lowered and we start to row away.

I take Aileen back and shiver.

I watch as the Titanic slowly rises out of the water. It is beautiful but frightening.

Sometime later the lights flicker out.

I blink in confusion.

Then a strange noise fills the night air. A noise I can't describe. It sounds almost like thunder, but not.

Suddenly the Titanic breaks apart. The bow falls backward on the water and the front disappears below the surface.

For a moment it appears that the bow will float but it too tilts up and soon it too disappears below the surface.

A dull roar fills the air. One that I know will haunt me late at night.

I think that I can hear a voice calling for help.

I hold Aileen tightly, sobbing.


Charles Fletcher April 15, 1912

I scream for help out of sheer terror. I hear others screaming and calling for help.

Slowly the cries and screams stop.

Tears escape my eyes as the knowledge that the have either died or too cold to talk occurs to me.

A light shines.

"Charlie." A familiar woman's voice calls.

"Elizabeth?" I ask. Did she stay behind somehow and leave Aileen all alone?

"Charlie." A man's voice calls, it sounds as familiar as the woman's voice.

"Is anyone alive?" A voice calls.

"Charlie." The woman's voice calls again.

"Mom? Uncle Richard?" I ask.

"Is anyone alive?"

I raise my arm and wave.


Elizabeth Fletcher

The roar dies away.

The boat is slowly rowed away.

I wrap a blanket around myself and Aileen.

Tears form in my eyes.

Hours later a ship appears in the distance, or at least I hope it's a ship.

The officer in the boat waits awhile before picking up a lantern and signaling the ship.

We pull aside the ship and one by one the occupants either climb up the ladder or are hauled up in nets. When it comes to be my turn I can't climb the ladder so Aileen and I are hauled up in a net.

"Names?" An officer asks. "I'm Elizabeth Fletcher, this is my sister Aileen."

We are led below deck and someone pushes a bowl of soup in my hands. I winch from the heat of the bowl.

I find a crate and feed some of the soup to Aileen and then I finish the soup.

Drained I lean against the crate and fall asleep.


Charles Fletcher

I approach Elizabeth and kneel next to her.

Carefully I brush a stray hair out of her face.

She slowly opens her hazel eyes and stares sleepily at me.

"Charlie?" she asks softly.

I smile.

"Go back to sleep Lizzie." I say. "Everything is going to be alright."


Elizabeth Fletcher April 21st

The Carpathia stops at a pier and lowers the lifeboats from the Titanic. It sends a finality to those that hoped that the ship was in one piece that the Titanic is gone and most likely loved ones.

I clutch Aileen closer as we make our way to another pier.

I watch feeling detached to the whole situation as the plank lowers and people slowly make there way to it.

A spotlight lands on the first one to walk off. A group of people push their way through the crowd to him and they embrace.

They walk away and more people start to walk off. I watch as Harold Bride is carried off the ship.

I set Aileen down and wait for my family's turn to walk down.

Finally we walk down the plank. The spotlight is bright but I am to drained to care.

Finally a familiar face appears in the crowd and our father makes his way to us. I can see his eyes filled with pain and sorrow. He hugs me and then gently holds me. "Charlie?" he asks softly. I shake my head as tears fill my eyes.

He nods and then picks up Aileen, puts his other arm around me and leads me away.

I wish that I could forget. Block out the memories of the screams of the drowning and freezing people.

I wish that Charlie had stayed back in England and Aunt Mary came instead.