Thanks for the venom

Thanks a lot for the venom you infected to my soul, my heart, the very core of my once so pure being. It has been poisoned by your evil thoughts, you put them into my system. No doubt, it had to be you; nobody else would dare to interfere with me and my personality in that way.

I was queen once of my very own and beautiful kingdom. Now there isn't anybody left to save me from the darkness that comes from within. It had all started with the venom.

You got it from the serpent, I know you did and it's quite alright, your intentions were only for the better. Now, I'm never leaving you. You became my king, the king of a dyeing land.

You and I are the ruler over that chessboard, with the towers as our guards and the pawns at our mercy. It's quite unrealistic and no one except us seems to care but we don't mind anyway, we have a kingdom to rule, a whole kingdom all by ourselves.

Thanks for the venom, it glows in my veins like the roses on my coffin. I lie there and see you standing close, throwing red roses as your sign of love, but deep down you know that you never could have saved me. I took all the pills and all the poison, but I was trying to reach something I could never kill.

Not even in my dreams; that were feverish with deadly thoughts, poisoned, too.

You did it out of love, to free me from my pain, to cut me loose from the vessel that held me imprisoned, and to teach me how to fly. I always wanted to learn.

Thanks for the venom, my dear, I was never mad at you. I have always loved you with my whole heart and everything I was, but as the red roses on my coffin die, I have to leave you.