In a peaceful tree-house in the woods, a young girl sat. She looked to be about 18 years old, and had shoulder length wavy brown hair, and big brown eyes. She had delicate facial features, and very soft, smooth skin. Almost everyone who knew her thought she was very pretty. She always wore black, but didn't have the attitude of a goth. Her name was Katarina. What not even her friends knew was the fact that she was adopted, even though her "mother" had never told her. Her mother was actually quite rich, and she had come to love her mother. They lived in a beautiful mansion together, but Katarina had a dark past that she would never tell anyone about, unless she absolutely had to.

Katarina sat in her tree-house watching the sunset. "I wonder if Father's watching over me right now" I thought aloud. I certainly feel like I'm being watched. But he's always watching over me, so why would I notice it now? I've never been so painfully aware of his eyes before. I'm sure it's nothing, the rational part of my brain thought. But what if it's him, the scared part of my brain thought. I shook my head to distinguish my thoughts back into one line. I looked down at my dress, you could say it was odd. I was wearing a black and red flowing dress that went down to my feet. I had just gone to my graduation ceremony, that was why I was wearing this horrid dress. I bet he likes this dress, I thought scornfully. I need to get home. Katarina got up and climbed down the ladder and began walking home.

When she got home she called, "Mom, I'm home!" She didn't hear her mother at all, so she thought, she must be out. So she sat down on the couch and was about to turn on the T.V. when she saw a note on it. I got up and walked over to the T.V. then took it off the screen.

Dear Katarina,

It's me again. I wouldn't look for your mother if I were you. She's not home at the moment, and she probably won't be ever again. You have a choice to make, either accept your fate as my bride, or your mother will die. It will take her a month to reach me, and after that month I will give you three days, you know I am not a patient man. I wouldn't attempt to fight me, you'll only die in vain. Pity it would be, and I wonder how your father would feel if that happened. I wouldn't try to call on him for help, he turned his back on you years ago. So, what will it be? Will you let your mother die and prove you are just like me? Or accept your fate, which is a wiser choice. Even if you allow your mother to die, I'll find you either way. You'll never be safe in the shadows.

He's found me! And he has mother! I never thought he would stoop to that level! I'm such an idiot! Why would I allow myself to become close to anyone! He's the lord of lies, for Christ's sake! Sorry about that. I have to fight him! Oh father, why did you abandon me so? I'm sorry I disobeyed you! I mentally scorned myself. I need to call my friends...

I dialed the numbers on my phone and said the same thing every single time, "Get your ass over here right now please!"

"Satin found me again." I told my friends. They had known me since I came to Earth. I hadn't even told them who my father was.
"Again! But why are you telling us? What did he do?" Michelle asked. She was a fallen angel.

"Yeah, what did he do?" Christiana asked. She was a pixie, a darker version of a fairy, but she wasn't evil.

"He kidnapped my mother..." I told them slowly.

"Here's something you've never told us, why would he want a powerless mortal like you anyway? No offense." Tera asked. Tera is a shape-shifter.

"Well, I'm not exactly powerless..." I started slowly. I then stood up and stood completely still as a ripping sound was heard. Then two red wings sprouted out of my back. "I'm a fallen angel, like you Michelle. I'm much older than I've told you." I'm also much more light then I've told you. I added silently.

"Even so, why would he want you? I'm a fallen angel as well and he's never come after me." Michelle said.

"Well, you could say that my father is...respected in heaven. And you could also say my father and Satan, let's just say they don't like each other." I told her.

"What do you mean?" Christiana asked.

"I'm sorry but I refuse to explain more." I told her. They wouldn't believe me if I told them.

"So why did you call us over here?" Tera asked me.

I tensed up, "It'll take my mother one month to reach Satan, then I have three more days. He'll kill her on the fourth day if I don't become his bride. I will not accept to being his bride unless I have to. Please, I need your help, I know it's asking a lot, but I want you to help me by going to hell with me." I waited to let my words sink in, and looked between my friends nervously.

"I'll go with you." Tera said suddenly. I was honestly shocked, I didn't expect her to come with me unless the others did.

"Are you sure? It's going to be really dangerous!" I asked her.

"I am, a friend in need is a friend in need." Tera said and stood up to join me.

"I'll come with you as well." Michelle said and stood up to join me. We all looked at Christiana.

"Fine, I'll come as well, but only because you need me." Christiana said and joined me.

"OK. First we're all going to need our wings. And Tera, shape-shift into something with wings, OK?" I told them. When all of them had their wings, I noticed the shape of them and decided which skills would be best for each of them. Tera, if you don't mind I would like you to make your wings a little bigger, make them look like mine and Michelle's. It'll give you more of an advantage against weapons, because it'll work like a shield. Christiana, I imagine you know how to use your wings to your advantage." I addressed them all.

"Ma'am yes ma'am!" Tera said making her wings bigger and giving me a fake salute.

"Of course I know how. My wings are still really big for a pixie. I can still manipulate them to protect me." Christiana retorted.

"Right, I say we train for 1 week. That's all the time we can spare. It'll only take us 2 weeks to make it to Satan's level of hell, but it'll probably take us a week to get into his, palace I guess we could say."

"Fine. Then we start training now." Tera stated.

"Follow me." I said and I led them down to the part in the basement only I could access. I used a feather on my wing on a small little scanner and it said "Access granted." A small door appeared and I opened it up. "Come on." I said. Everyone scurried in and I shut the door. After I shut the door a light came on and it illuminated the whole room. They looked around and saw swords, spears, bows and arrows, and body suits.

"Nice huh? They were all gifts from my father before I was a fallen angel. The body suits will conform to your body, so don't look so worried." I said.

"What is all this for?" Christiana asked.

"Isn't it obvious? This is going to be our equipment." I explained. "The swords are for angels only, so it would help us as well, since we are a form of angels. Have your pick of anything else." I told them as I grabbed my body suit and my favorite sword. Michelle grabbed a sword and body suit, Tera grabbed a bow and arrows with her body suit, and Christiana grabbed a bow and arrows with her body suit as well. I grabbed a crossbow and arrows and we all started to change.

When we were all done, Tera asked, "Why did you grab a bow and arrows as well?"

"How am I going to train you with them if I don't show you how it's done?" I answered her question with a question. "At least your not beginners."

"When do we start our training?" Michelle asked.

"Right now."

"No no no, you have to pull it back like this" I told Tera. I then pulled it back with perfect form and shot it so it hit the bulls-eye. "Your going to fast with it. You need to slow down a little bit."

"Ok, can we continue our sword fight now?" Michelle asked.

"Of course we can, are you ready?" I asked her as I turned back to her.

"Yes." She said very plainly.

"Ok." I said and lunged at her. I shot my sword at her arm, and she blocked it with her sword. I had many years to practice my footwork, as had she. I shot my sword at her other arm, and she blocked that also. I shot for her chest, and she stopped that with her sword. It took me only a minute to realize that I would have to disarm her. I then started to attack her sword, which confused her but she obviously didn't question it. I kept hitting her sword from different angles until I finally knocked it out of her hand. She looked at me like she finally realized what I was doing.

"I win." I said to her.

"I suppose you do. I guess I need more training." Michelle said.

"Yes I guess you do."

Training went on like that for a while, and finally the week was up. I was doing an assessment on my friend's abilities.

Tera has done very well, and she can finally shoot her arrows fast without messing up her aim. She can also fly and still have perfect aim. Furthermore its a great thing that she can use her wings as a shield now. And Michelle finally beat me today, I suppose that's a good sign. They've all been doing well with aerial battles. They all know how to dodge fairly well, and Christiana is doing amazing with her bow and arrows. I think we're ready.

"Ok. Today we leave for hell. Grab your backpacks and weapons and follow me." I said and flew above them. When they were ready we left for hell. It's a good thing we've been trying to go as long as we can without eating. If we weren't we wouldn't be able to survive with this ration. If I don't play this card right, I might be leading my friends to their death...

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