Escape From Ocean World


*I have had enough, more than enough in fact! I refuse to stay here any longer than it takes me to plot and plan. There is not a force on earth that will keep me here…and when I escape I will take will and the others with me.*

Oh! Hello there. I guess you are wondering what I am talking about, huh? Well for the last five years I have been the main attraction for Ocean world.

Ocean World used to be the cheesier version of Sea World. A water themed parked with a few crummy rides and lots of animal attractions and shows. Like Sea World, Ocean World had an, as in one…too cheap to gain two…orca named Willy…not the most original name, but I did not have any say in the matter. Ocean World also had two of the most annoying dolphins ever, Luna and Sol, fraternal twins. Luna is a female and Sol is a male bottle-nose dolphin. They also have a bunch of penguins in their special penguin house, and one really, really old seal that knows one trick…the typical balancing a ball on the nose trick.

But I am sure you caught the key word in my speech…used…Ocean world used to be the cheesier version of Sea world. About five years Ocean World got their lucky break…me. You see, I am special. Wow…that sounds really narcissistic, huh? But, it is the truth.

I have really, really long flowing blond hair with blue and green highlights… being me for so long has affected me… you will get it in a bit. My eyes are this gorgeous blue reflecting the mood of the seas…sometimes they change more greenish or grayish based on the light…and the base color. Last time I checked I was five feet and six inches…ok…the doctor said five foot five, but my license…the 'official' document…says five foot six… and that extra inch really counts when you are the shortest in the family.

Unfortunately, none of that, my hair, eyes, or height, is what changed Ocean World from cheesy to coolish. You see, I am the star attraction of the park…what set Ocean world over Sea World and all of the other watery parks. What makes me so special? I have a tail. No…not a tail like most people who claim to have a tail… either a costume or a couple of extra vertebrae sticking out above the butt. Of course, I do not have much a butt any more either. Instead I have a full blown case of fish tail. It has a pretty color though…in fact, it changes to match my eyes, the only thing I have ever had that will match everything I wear.

I guess you can call me a mermaid. I know, I know…mermaids do not exist. I did not think they did either. I, along with the world, not have first hand evidence that they do exist. I can hear you all now…how could this girl not believe in mermaids…she is one…she has the tail. The easy answer…I was not always a mermaid. This whole thing started five years ago when my 'family' and I went to Ocean World on the coast….

So this is the first random story that I will be posting here. Some may find it familiar…though I doubt it. I had this posted on quizilla…forever ago…when that site was cool. I had the same user name there as I do here…on fanfiction as well. Like my other stories…this one was born after recalling a very vague dream I had years and years ago and overdosing on caffeine. I will be tweaking the story a bit (I did write it four years ago).

So let me know it you all enjoyed the prologue…the other chapters will be up soon…I have to go through and tweak them.