Hi, sorry, this is just an author's note. Pretty significant though.

I really, absolutely have no inspiration left for this story. I'm not at all sure where it's going, I'm not having as much fun writing it, and to be honest - I think it's plotless. I guess I could force out more chapters, but I really don't want to, and I don't think anyone really cares - lol. Honestly, I love these characters and the original idea I had for this, it's still the cute, fluffy story I envisaged it to be, buttt it's nothing more than quick, witty banter and humorous narrating. And as much as I love witty banter and humorous narrating, it's not enough to write a whole story with.

Which is why I've decided I think I'll take this story and make it a one-shot. Just one chapter - bit long though - and make a new story, still similar to this plot, with the same characters and setting and all that jazz.

Kind of wanted input on that idea, if it seems cool? I'm most likely going to go through with it. And I can assure you any one-shot I write will be much better than another few chapters of a seemingly boring story.

This is tentative however. I'm still considering it.

- jasmin xx