I think this story will come to an end soon because I am running out of ideas for it and because I am losing my passion for this story as well. So…yeah…awkward…

Maybe two more chapters after this or an epilogue. You decide!

- Multicrazybabygirl


Chapter twelve

I woke up, when arms wrapped around my torso and I giggled. He pulled me closer and kissed down my neck to my shoulder. I looked over at Anderson and he laid his chin against my shoulder. I wrapped my arm around his neck before pulling his lips to my lips. He gladly kissed me back and laid his other hand against my back.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered once he pulled away.

He sat up and frowned. "I have to go back to my homeland."

"What? Why?" I looked at him confused.

"Because I forgot we were going on tour around Europe," he replied. "I brought Kylar with me though; he is down stairs with your mother baking cookies. We are going to leave in a few hours."

I nodded before sitting up myself. I kissed his cheek and pointed to the door, which I think he knew meant he should leave, while his girlfriend is changing out of her pajamas. I practically jogged down the stairs after changing into regular clothes. I walked to the kitchen to find my mother, my boyfriend, and a friend laughing as my mom showed pictures of me when I was younger. So embarrassing!

"Mom, what are you doing?" I asked.

She looked up. "Oh, showing your friends the pictures of you when you were younger."

"Oh, okay." I sat on the counter beside where my boyfriend stood as he leant over to see what I looked like when I was younger. Anderson looked up at me and grinned as I rolled my eyes. I leant over the counter to look at the album and grinned. "Wasn't Pawpaw still alive during that picture?"

Mom nodded. "Yep."

The picture was of me, when I was seven beside Gage who had a gap between his teeth from losing a tooth. We were playing at my maternal grandfather's house since my paternal grandfather is still alive and lives in California with my grandmother. I still visit them because they didn't do this to me their son did. I think they were devastated, when they found out their son could do something like this to his own flesh and blood, but I told them it wasn't their fault, when they come to visit me in the hospital. It was their son's fault. I told them they raised my father the best any parent could and it was his fault he turned out like that, but still my grandmother blamed herself. She doesn't now though because she knows I am right about that.

"Who is the bushy haired kid?" Anderson asked.

"Gage," my mom and I said together.

Anderson broke out into a laugh and I looked at him funny. I was supposed to be the weird one in this relationship not him, so he needs to stop that right now. Well, actually I love his laugh, but still he sounds like a girl with his 'hehehehe'. He laid his hand on my thigh and my mother raised her eye brow at me, but she knows we are dating and she isn't used to her only daughter dating evil boys.

"He looks blood weird," Anderson said after his laughing fit was over.

"Yep, that was went he was still a dork instead of the star soccer player for the guys," I replied.

Anderson looked at me. "Okay."

We went back to look at the picture as Mom had two pictures of me beside each other. One right before her coma and my accident and the other right after my accident, while I was still in the hospital. The second one was taking by my Aunt Shelley, my dad's baby sister. The first one was taking by my mother, when she wasn't so weak. Both Anderson and Kylar look up at me and back down to the pictures as they compared me with the old me. All my mother did was stared at the picture of her one beautiful baby girl that turned into hideous me.

Kylar took a sip from his hot chocolate before turning the page for my mother. He burst into a laughing fit once he saw my hair, when I was younger. I had just waked up and Mom wouldn't let me fix it until she took a picture of it because it had never looked so wild before. She likes to take picture of the little moments like just the other day she took a picture of Quinton and me, when we were sitting on the porch. I was watching him play his Nintendo DS as he taught me how to beat a really hard level on the game and she thought it was cute. Her two children sitting together playing video games.

Anderson stretched and yawned. "I think it is time to go Kylar."

Kylar looked at his wrist watch. "Yep, Lilith and Asher should be on their way." Just on time, we heard the honk of a horn and I walked Anderson out as he left Kylar to carry his suitcase. We mostly hugged on the porch as Ash help Kylar put his and Anderson's suitcase in the back. I kissed Anderson's lips and he pulled away.

"I love you, Ophelia," he whispered just above my lips.

I pulled his lips back to mine before breaking that kiss to say, "I love you, too, Anderson."

I sent him on his way after several honk of the horns and yell from Lilith. He waved as he buckled into the car and I waved back before walking into my house once their car disappeared down the road.