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Several months have passed since I last saw Anderson, but he has kept his promise of calling me, which was good. I grinned stupidly as I watched Anderson on stage. He didn't know I was here, but still I was his girlfriend. I could do whatever I wanted behind his back. He sung beautifully, which probably made me fall deeper and deeper in love with him at the moment. I stood beside Lilith who was grinning as well, but at least Ash's eyes were locked onto hers unlike someone I know. And, then, it happened, Anderson's eyes flickered to me and I watched as a big smile crossed his face.

Then, it was his turn to sing and he did a beautiful job.

The sun is shining really bright,

I want to catch it.

Seeing you in my sight,

I hand it to you.

The lyrics go on and on, and I grinned at him before Anderson being who he is, jumped of the stage and into the crowd, which made a lot of yelling girls scream louder. I watched as he walked to where I stood and a spot light hit us as the other boys tried to see what he was doing. I rolled my eyes as he continued to sing his part to me.

"You are so stupid," I said as he sung, which you could hear through the microphone. That caused a lot of girls around me to glare and he just smiled.

"That is why you like me," he said, when his turn was over.

"Just be glad I came, Anderson," I replied.

"Yeah, I am glad you came, Lia," he said, that was when we realized the microphone was still on and everyone was staring at us except for the guys who were on the stage rolling their eyes. Lilith betrayed me by going up to the stage and sitting with her boyfriend as their song was over and they were just waiting for our little scene to stop.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and grinned into his shoulder as he kissed my forehead. "I think our relationship isn't a secret anymore to the outside."

"I think so too," he replied and we watched as several girls around us started on their phones about us being together.

"Love you."

"Love you, too."

Several Years Later:

Anderson stood on stage singing his new slow love song with the boys. Everyone was older. Anderson was now twenty-seven, which meant I was twenty-four. Lilith was still with Ash and they were happily married after convincing her father that he was a good guy. Anderson was also married to none other than me, which was sort of funny because my brother didn't like him when we first got engaged. We have been married for about seven weeks and he is an amazing husband. Kylar was with Lilith's cousin because she hooked them up. The other boys were either engaged or single or dating. Jared and Tessa were still together and Gage was in Frances getting a degree in photography for some reason.

Tonight was the night Anderson was going to tell the guys he was leaving their boy band. He and I had thought it through and we thought it was for the best since he wanted to start a family with me. I walked to where Lilith sat in the dressing room as we waited for the boys to hurry up and I was going to tell her what Anderson and I wanted.

"Hey, Lil," I said, sitting beside her.


"Um… well… Anderson wants to quit the band," I told her. "He wants to start a family and if he was still in the band they travel nine months out of twelve for touring, which he doesn't like because if we have children, he would probably feel like a stranger in his own home once he gets home. He wants to be there when our children start walking and the other milestones, so he is quitting the band."

She nodded. "Yeah, Ash has been talking about that too."

"Yeah," I said.

The door opened then and the boys walked in sweating. It gets pretty hot on stage with the lights beaming down on them. Anderson walked to me and collapsed beside me. I looked at him and he grinned. He stunk from all of his sweat and I wanted to hit him for it. I began to feel nauseas, but I didn't tell him. He quickly kissed my forehead and looked at the boys.

"Bad news guys," he started, trying to get the others' attention, which he got. "I am quitting the band."

There were a lot of groans, but only one asked, "Why?"

"Because we are getting kind of old to be a boy band. We are men," Anderson said. "Also I want to start a family with my wife."

"Okay, fine," Kylar said. "Well, break up the band."

Ash grinned at Lilith before I said, "Well, and there is good news also."

Anderson looked at confused and the others looked at me curiously. "What is the good news?" Anderson asked.

"All of you expect for Anderson are going to be uncles," I said, smiling. "Honey," I turned to Anderson. "I am pregnant."

"What?" he said, with a shock look on his face before kissing me.

The End