The Story of the Brothers

Tehokas was in Egypt and he was staying with a man named Tutankhamen. But once again his past came to fetch him but he couldn't return. Viekkaus grabbed Tehokas then used his own silver. Tehokas found himself in the main garden.

Tehokas wished he could just face his brother in combat but he wouldn't win that way. So once again he took a piece of silver and went to the archipelago of Indonesia. Viekkaus followed him and took him back to the realm of the gods. Tehokas ran away again this time he went to Stonehenge.

Tehokas was searching for a tribe of warriors who were the descendants of the Vikings. Eventually he found them. He asked them a question. "What is the most dangerous place on Earth?" They said "You are here for a reason but not the one you intended." "Okay then what's the reason I'm here." Tehokas asked. "You are here to learn what you must" "You are here to learn how to bring about your brothers downfall." So Tehokas stayed with the tribe of warriors and learnt that to defeat his brother he would have to stand aside.

Tehokas returned from the human world and summoned Viekkaus. Tehokas said "The throne is yours as long as I remain an heir. "Viekkaus agreed to these terms and Tehokas travelled back to the Andes. There he stayed for 3 years. But a god came to the human world and pleaded Tehokas to come back. Tehokas said "yes" and then he returned to the realm of the gods.

Tehokas hadn't wasted his time playing video games. He had been doing martial arts, fencing and reading up on war stratagems hoping to find something useful. Tehokas travelled to all the villages near the palace. He sent people out to fetch Tutankhamen and the tribe of warriors that had helped him. Tehokas had united the largest army ever in one day. They were going to throw Viekkaus of the throne.

At last the time of the attack had come. "When should we begin to build the battering ram?" "We aren't, we are making lots of ladders." So Tehokas's army marched with their ladders towards the palace. They used these to get onto a corridor they marched towards the throne room. Tehokas threw open the doors and he marched in. "I summon and challenge Viekkaus." Viekkaus walked in and said "Who dares challenge me and not address me properly." "I Tehokas challenge you" "I accept" said Viekkaus

In the colosseum Viekkaus and Tehokas were in their battle stances. Tehokas struck a massive blow on Viekkaus's sword this blow made the colosseum shake. Viekkaus tried a stabbing move on Tehokas side stepped then he had Viekkaus against a wall. Tehokas punched Viekkaus knocking him to the ground. "Yield" yelled Tehokas "I yield" said Viekkaus shamefully "Then I banish you and denounce you from the throne forever more.

Far away in the human world Harriet was reading Gods of the Earth and saw that Tehokas means powerful in the language of the gods.