Fingers skim the water,

a futile attempt to distort the image of the thing I am

The thing I've been made into

I've stopped questioning my own sanity.

I know I am not sane

And I accept that

Bells ring in the distance,

And I know you are gone forever

Never to be mine again

A flag is raised, an injustice atoned for

By the one I loved

The one I cherished

At the end we were both mad

Insane with the torture of it

Mistakes made by both you and I

But we both knew the happy delusions couldn't last.

Is that why you left, surrendered yourself into their waiting grasp

My heart was broken when I saw you go

And in all honesty, I will never be whole again

But then, I never had a chance to be whole

Night approaches, and still I do not move

Rain falls, but I don't feel the cold

I could die right here

Waiting for you

Forever waiting

Yet I promised I would go on

And so I raise myself from the dirt

Glance toward the place destined to be your resting place

And fulfill my promise