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Mia was walking through town in her Amelia persona. She was dressed in a golden sundress. Her feet sported strappy sandels and her mid-length auburn hair was in an upbraid hairstyle. Around her neck was a dainty silver chain, on the chain was a matching silver snowflake.

The snowflake had twelve points and on the tip of each point was a birthstone in relation to the months of the year. The snowflake was rotated so there wasn't a single point facing up. The top right point started the cycle with emerald. The stones were in order as follows: emerald, bloodstone, jade, opal, sapphire, sapphire, ruby, diamond, agate, jasper, pearl, and black onyx.

Mia fingered the snowflake gently. It was very special to her. Allen gave it to her before all the troubles started. As she was lost in her memories, Mia failed to notice what was happening. A hand shot out and grabbed her necklace and pulled until the clasp broke.

She screamed as she realized what was happening. She chased the man who took her necklace when suddenly she found herself swallowed whole by a hole of images. They were memories, though most of them were unwanted. After reliving some painful memories, Mia fell into a dark unconsciousness.


Anna was silent as she walked through the mansion. She had heard over the past month that this particular nobleman sent his servants to 'gain' his fortune. With the money in her pockets running low, and many people losing their precious items, she and Shay had decided to return his fortune to its rightful owners. And take a bit for herself.

She sneaked past security with ease. In her completely black outfit and hair, only her green eyes would stand out in the pitch black. Of course, the only why they could seen was if they were spotted.

It was times like these that she was thankful for having Shay. She was able to go ahead and tell Anna of the issues in front of her. A shadow crept down the hallway, stopped in front of her.

"The vault's just ahead. Three number combo lock, numbers are 1-34-10. Looks like he's sold most of his ili gotten gains already." Shay told Anna.

"If I can give someone something back, I'll be happy. Let's go."

Anna and her shadow crept up to the vault. She put in the numbers and walked inside while Shay stood guard. Hills of gold met Anna's gaze. Scanning the room, she saw a glint of silver. She gently picked up the silver necklace, admiring its design.

The silver snowflake dangled from a broken chain. It rotated, never pausing on a single point. Anna recognized the gems, emerald, bloodstone, jade, opal, sapphire, sapphire, ruby, diamond, agate, jasper, pearl, and black onyx. Someone must be missing it. She pocketed the necklace and began to fill a pouch with gold.

"They're coming!"

Anna ran for the far side of the vault, Shay following at her heels. They were quickly taken by a hole in the wall. Images flashed before their eyes, unfamiliar and unforgiving. Anna closed her eyes and waited for the darkness to take her.


Lily walked with her comrades, relief flowing through her veins. It was finally over. Talzane was banished, and with his leaving went the threat against her people. She could finally rest easy, knowing that her friends would be alright. Mostly.

She smiled as she looked amoung her walking companions. Many of them came with her after she escaped the castle. All of them stayed with her to the end. Even with conflicting personalities, they had all formed a sort of dysfunctional family. Who'd ever think that a dwarf, an elf, a halfling, a wild mage, a knight, a royal regect, and a dog, could ever bring a country together?

Speaking of dogs, where was Luke? Lily looked around frantically, catching no sight of her German shephard. One of her companions, Eric, caught her worried gaze.

"Where's Luke?" Lily asked him.

"He's not with you?"

Lily turned and began running back down the road. Her companions were left behind as she searched for her pup. She tripped and fell into a dark hole. She continued to fall, seeing unpleasant images from the depths of her mind. The memories were so painful that Lilly passed out.


Mari sighed once before she picked up her violin case from the ground. She was standing in a crowd of people in front of a large building that was advertising the release of a new album of a hot band. A person had rushed by Mari forcefully, making her drop her violin case. She opened it for a moment to take a quick look and make sure it wasn't damaged.

Once Mari was satisfied that the violin was undamaged, she continued on her way. She was leaving the large building that had people flocking towards it like insects to a picnic. She lifted one gloved hand to double check that her mask was in place. It was a compact mask, one she only used in emergencies. It was a fabric mask that hid just the parts of her face with scars.

Mari walked quickly through the town to head home. She was stopped though when she noticed an animal that wasn't familiar. Mari loved animals, so she was familiar with all the animals of the neighborhood. The German shepherd looked friendly enough, so Mari waked up to him.

"Hey boy, where's your human?" Mari knelt down next to the dog who watched her silently. Mari checked his tag. "Luke, huh? Why don't you come home with me for now, then we'll see if we can find Lily." Mari walked slowly away, checking to make sure Luke was following. Before she could continue walking after checking that Luke was following, Mari was shoved again. This time she fell into a hole of sound and color. It was her latest song, 'Finding Destiny'.


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