Anna shook her head.

"No Shay, we are not selling the necklace."

They had been arguing since shortly after they woke up. Outside. And nowhere near the nobleman's place.

"Come on Anna! It's not possible that the owner of it is here! I say we sell it and figure out where we are."



"Absolutely not. There has got to be some reason we're here. And I think this necklace has something to do with it. Besides," She grinned and held up a large pouch, "We have enough money from the slob to last us awhile. We'll be fine."

Shay shook her head in disapproval, but consented. "Fine. But where are we?"

"I don't know." She spotted the road sign. "Let's head to the nearest town. We'll find more information there, I'm sure of it."

Shay quickly conformed to make Anna's shadow 'normal'.


Anna started down the road, with Shay following closely behind.


Lily's eyes stayed closed as she muttered to herself.

"Please let it all be a dream. I'll wake up and everything will be normal. Thamus will be cooking with Luke at his side. Tavrin will be chasing Quinn, Morlen and Eric will be debating. Everything will be fine."

She opened her eyes and groaned.

"Dammit! Not again…" She glared at the sky, "Just can't give me a break, can you? Stupid gods."

She stood up and looked at her surroundings. The evergreens looked the same as the ones back home, but the birds she heard were new. She sighed.

"Well, better find my way towards civilization. With luck, Luke will be here somewhere. Again."

Lily reached for her weapons to find them missing. She checked her pack to find several days worth of rations and her hunting knife. She shook her head and grinned.

'Definitely having déjà vu. Oh look, a road sign.'

She frowned as she tried to read the sign. The language written was unfamiliar to her. Wasn't Elfish of English. She sighed again and walked down the road.

'Well, every road leads somewhere. New world here I come.'


Mia sat there wondering what was going to happen now. She'd be fine till she found out where she was. But why had that man stolen her necklace? Of all her possessions, that necklace was the most important to her. And of all her possessions, it was her necklace that was stolen.

She stood up and wasn't surprised to see flat grasslands with farms scattered here and there. It was familiar to her, after all, it was similar to Clearcreek, Nebraska. She stood and brushed herself off. The ground was hard and she had fallen just enough to make her sore all over.

Mia noticed a cluster of what looked like large structures on the horizon. However, with the flat land, the distance to a place can be deceiving. She'd be lucky to reach the large town by the end of the week when on foot.

She sighed. 'I might as well get started. If I make it to that large town I'm more likely to get back to Luther and Jeston.' Mia looked around once more, pulling her black hair back to keep it out of her face. She started walking, Mia kept her eyes on the black figures on the horizon. 'I hope I get home soon.'


"Luke! Stop it!" Mari laughed as she tried to push the large German shepherd off of her. When she'd managed to get the dog to stop trying to eat her, Mari looked around. She was a little surprised to see a small village a little ways off. It looked like it might have people she could ask about where she was.

"I don't know if we'll find Lily, Luke. But I won't stop looking." Mari said as she stood and dodged the jumping dog. She smiled when she saw her violin case at her feet. What she didn't realize was that her gloves and mask were gone. She picked up her violin case and started to the village. Luke was right on her heels.

Mari wondered for a moment if she'd be able to trade something for stay for the night. She shrugged. She had her violin, maybe if she played and got some money she could stay the night. Mari nodded to herself, it'd work, or she'd make it work.

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