It is the night that is the thief,

That with the heart of a beast,

Would steal your innocence,

It would burden your soul,

With the pleasures of the mind,

With your innocence it takes your heart,

With you broken heart your soul,

With you empty body it finds delight,

And all you'll seek is flight,

The angels eyes in the dark sky,

Will seem more like an empty light,

And again it is the night,

And your desperate words will not earn the forgiveness in your heart,

You cannot forgive the tragedy that was your life,

You will cry I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, lord forgive me,

His words a comfort,

He will set you free,

The only object standing in your way,

Will be the hands on a clock face,

But He will set you free,

And allow you to be,

At an eternity of peace,

And you will know the pain,

That the beast wanted you to know,

And you will know the sadness of your many tears,

For it is what the night wanted,

And your heart will know the tragedy of all the night made you know,

And for this eternity you will remember,

But it is in the eternity after,

That you will forget, and it is then that you will forgive,

You will not forgive the night,

Not the beast, who told you he was an angel,

Not the beast who you traded your soul for the warmth of his embrace,

Even when his arms became cold,

Your heart will forgive your body,

Your soul will forgive your mind,

And you will tear it away,

For He did bleed away the pain,

And He will set you free,

He will save your weak body, your heart and soul,

And the beast will not touch you,

And the night will not hurt you,

And in that place you cannot yet be,

He will take your eyes and show you what you have never seen,

And you will cry tears that deceive,

For at long last your soul will take flight,

And the tears in your opened eyes,

Will be an overflow of bliss,

And the golden path you will take,

Will heal your wounds,

And mend your weary soul,

And with you He will stand,

And He will set you free,

And He will free you,

And loving you with all His heart,

You are His child,

And He the Father does love you with His whole heart,

And with you he will weep,

Tears that do deceive,

But for now night is your captor,

Lest you forget,

But He will remember you,

And He will guide you,

And He will break the chains that the beast put upon you,

And He will set you free,

And the only true trial,

Will be your patience,

As the hands on the old clock face,

Remain your only border,

But all must end,

And time must come to a halt,

Child keep your faith,

You will remember your God,

And your persecutor will fall,

As the Father to whom you will give your heart and soul,

He will save you,

He will save you his child,

He will free you.