Once upon a time, a long time ago, all the gods and goddesses from around the world gathered to play a game... all, except for the gods of the underworld. They played a game of power, for they were quite arrogant in the ancient times, bursting with pride of the amount of temples and sacrifices made for them.

The gods of Greece, led by their king, Zeus, gathered at the peak of the highest mountain of the world, which would be called Mount Everest many years later. The gods of Egypt, led by Ra, their leader, met the holy Greeks at the top of the same mountain. Then, came the Roman gods, following Jupiter, and soon after, the Hindu gods, and so on. Even the minor gods, who are not very well known, also gathered at that place. The gods and goddesses who had finally met up played their selfish, little game to see which of the sets of gods were the most powerful.

Earthquakes corrupted the land, and volcanoes destroyed cities. Hurricanes sucked up towns, and floods washed away homes. During that time, it was truly unfortunate for the humans, who had no such interest or knowledge of the grand game that was taking place at the peak of the world. The gods became carried away, and rampaged, causing great troubles for the Earth itself.

The rulers of the underworld were angry, for they also wished to participate in the game, which they have been pointedly left out from. The gods of the dead also met up under the earth, where the souls were kept. All gods were quite arrogant and selfish in the past, and the rulers of the underworld agreed to break up the small party of the gods of the heavens, using their own strength.

The casual game turned into even more of a disaster when the gods of the dead erupted from the ground and fought their way into the game at the peak of the world. All of the gods from around the world fought and quarreled, using all of their powers against each other. Monsters, demons, and evil spirits rose and took over the Earth in the place of the gods, creating a massive darkness that never appeared before.

All balance was lost, and the gods were ashamed of themselves after seeing what had happened. In order to regain the balance, the rulers of the world decided to lose their powers, and be reborn in the forms of humans in the future. The gods wished to punish themselves by trapping their souls and powers in mortal bodies, because they had made the world of the humans corrupt just for the sake of their pride. They chose to fade away, then rise again in the forms of mortal beings, and return to their places as holy gods after punishing themselves by fighting off evil without their immortal bodies.

The gods decided that soon, in the future, they will meet again, and fight alongside each other after being reborn. They promised among themselves, that once they grow stronger as humans, the evil shadows that lingered on the face of Earth will disappear.

This was the start of the revival; the renaissance, of the gods.