A pair of green eyes came out from behind a woman's lids; she appeared to be in her early twenties. Eyes seemed to glow for a second before she became fully awake. She rubbed one side of her face and pulled her flaming hair onto her shoulder as if those simple actions would dispel the disquieting dream and trade her life these days for the one she had back then. She rested her head on the window and chuckled though it came out as a sigh, there were others worse off then her, and that is the reason behind this whole journey. They were close to the bus terminal and her task would start but there were still many an hour on this bus. Her hands where colder than normal, why in the hell did busses need to be so cold? Much too cold for her taste so she did what she could, it could have been worse. She propped her legs on the empty seat next to her and put her backpack under her head as a pillow, with her coat as a blanket she was set against the chill temperatures that seemed mandatory in bed busses. Supposedly she's should be this sensual dark figure who thrives in the cold and the carnage. When the only thing she liked about the cold was sitting by a fireplace after a nice hardy meaty stew. Another chuckle escaped her lips, this time on of real amusements from how silly she was being, eyes closed and she tumbled down into memories again.

Somewhere between the stranger's bright eyes in hypnotic rhythm of bodies clashing against each other in the club and the sentence of solitude, she found herself outside in the cold mid winter air. The night was iced thoroughly; it seemed as if Hades himself was riding around on his smoke and brimstone chariot in the winter breeze, gloating to Artemis of his capture of Persephone, with the way the snow was picked up buy churning winds. Neither the moon nor the starts wished to witness what happened that night. The grim veil that floated in the wind was never noticed, the chill down her spine was mistaken for the sudden rush of cold, her quickening heartbeat and the adrenaline pumping through her confused with the rough body pressing her to the brick of the alley. All that mattered was forgetting.

Her sensed where blurred by the drinks she had had, her mind was conflicted and she had felt the dull ache of betrayal. She knew she had been foolish to climb out her bedroom window and head to the house of some girl she barely knew. She knew she was being right down stupid coming to a club in this part of town. The only valid reason she could find was revenge, she was too proud to say she was looking for an outlet. This is what brought her here in this dark and grungy wall with him. She didn't know him or his age, hell she didn't know his name. This was the outlet, her sneaky little way of getting rid of that pit in her stomach for an hour or two. It was a way to forget how they had gone behind her back, the way he cheated, the way they left her to her own devices with complete strangers. The redhead forced her mind back to the alley, to the way he kissed her jaw and nibbled her lobe before moving down to her neck. That warm wet stripe he licked up along her neck made sure someone heard them. And the rush, her fingers where seeking refuge in his warm hair only to be clenched in the strands, her head tilted back as a fatal mistake. When that name almost left her lips she felt that dull ache of betrayal double. How much time had gone by, a second, three maybe? The shock kept her quiet, eyes wide and fingers ripped at the honey blonde strands. Her stomach sank and her blood ran cold as it left her body and was sucked into his mouth. Vision started to swim and the world spun more than it should, he was gone.

Her mind took notice she was on the ground when the small scrapes on her back met the sidewalk snow. Her neck was numb as she turned her head as someone screamed near the corner, a woman by the shine black pumps standing in the scarlet tainted snow. For a moment the contrast of it all kept her distracted, the way the red fed on the fresh pure snow. She never got to here the woman call the paramedics or felt her head on her chest for a heartbeat. She had always loved red.

so this was inspired by my love of vampires who ( once you get past all the glitz and glamour Hollywood permanently lathers on them and stick a little closer to the folklore) make for pretty freaking awesome monsters XD

Its something to get me in the mood of continuing "the Veil"

Also inspired on a band I listen to a lot. Their front-man loves vampires and their lyrics are infused with vampire bits here and there.

Feedback is craved and constructive criticism is welcome. Flames will be used to fuel desires to become a comic book writer/artist :D