Isabella frowned with a sigh as she sat down with her band, she really wasn't in the mood for anything today, almost no sleep with a killer migrane. Tossing and turning all night the man she saw the day before, she knew who he was, never thought she'd see him in her lifetime but it happened. She fell in love with the smile he shown after his apology. She stupidly stood watching as he walked away. Isabella never in her life believed in love at first site, it just wasn't possible. How can you love someone without knowing them? Yesterday, she questioned that moral. The aburn haired beauty she called her sister came in with a bright smile dragging Isabellas twin brother, who looked just as unhappy as her, in tow. Her father and their producer Ivan followed him in. Now, it's not that the family, excluding their father, didn't like Ivan they just, didn't care for him. They got down to buissness. Ivan opened the binder he carried with him religiously as he put on his glasses. They made his face look huge Amber scanned his tan skin with duisgust. He looked up and smiled at everyone. "I've got great news, we're producing a song for the soundtrack to the movie currently in production, "Lucky Numer Slevin." You will all need to spend some time at the set to get the feel of the movie so you can work together on this project." The group looked at one another. Each smileing with a soft smile.

Within the next two days everyone but Isabella had visited the set. Amber and Johnny Depp had hit it off right away going out for coffee just the next day. The blond haired girl decided that she needed to get this visit over with. She dressed in light jeans, a plain black tee-shirt and a simple pair of flipflops. Throwing on her sunglasses and grabbing her bag she truged to the elevator, out of the elevator and all the way to the set. She scanned the onlookers to find a simple hiding place, slipping in she found a bench near a store to sit on. the director seemed frustrated that day, she yawned wanting this all to be over already. Time went past till around noon everyone depersed for lunch, even the actors. Izzy got up to get some coffee then Mccdonalds. Her first stop was Starbucks, her addiction was kicking in again. She looked at all the people in her surroundings before stepping in line. She wanted a peacfull day, no fans, no media.

As her coffee was ready she found a place to sit, the last booth open. She smiled, all to herself she thought. hearing footsteps near, not have seen anyone pass by she looked out the window praying the person would only be walking by. Her prayer was unanswered. A fimiler voice rang out. "Do you mind if I sit with you? There are no tabels left." The blond looked up to see the man she'd ran into those few weeks back. Their eyes locked as she nodded without a dought, without a thought. He sat sipping his coffee watching people pass by. "I'm sorry I ran into you the other day, I wasn't watching where I was going. I felt really bad." he looked at her sencerly. She smiled with a slight nodd. "It's alright, no harm done." Isabella wondered how she was able to talk to this man without any fumbling of words! He paused looking back out the window then back as Izzy. "I'm Josh by the way." He held out his hand and she shook it feeling a tingle just from his touch. 'I'm going crazy!' she thought. She smiles. "I'm Isabella." The beauty named Josh sips his coffee, without lookng at her he speaks again. "Isabella...hmmm...that's a very beautiful name." Those words brough a scarlet color to the girls cheeks. Josh smerked a bit noticing out of the corner of his eyes.

Days went by and it was laundry day, gathering all her cloths together Isabella filled the bag full grabbing her detergent and softener sheets she made her way down to the laundry mat. As she put things in the washer she checked each pair of pants and each jacket pocket. Reaching in to her last jacket too throw in she felt a small peice of what seemed to be a napkin. Pulling it out and opening it she studied it. She blinked. "So this is what he was doing when he bumped into me on the way out..." Izzy Was speachless, on the tiny napkin 'Josh 738-555-8976 text me' She looked around at the few people in the laundry mat with her and threw that last hoodie in. She took her phone out of the pocket of her bag and turned it on as she put the money in the machine and pushed start. She leaned against the dryer behind her, a few new texts from friends, no new calls. Her heart raced as she looked between the phone and the peice of napkin in her hands. 'Should I text him?' She thought. Debating for about five muinets she took a deep breath typing in the number then scrolling down she simply put 'Hi, it's, Isabella.' She pressed send and was on edge waiting for a response. If there would be one. 'What am I thinking? I'm sure he just wanted to get in my pants! I'm sure he won't even text back.'