Days went by and it was laundry day, gathering all her cloths together Isabella filled the bag full grabbing her detergent and softener sheets she made her way down to the laundry mat. As she put things in the washer she checked each pair of pants and each jacket pocket. Reaching in to her last jacket too throw in she felt a small peice of what seemed to be a napkin. Pulling it out and opening it she studied it. She blinked. "So this is what he was doing when he bumped into me on the way out..." Izzy Was speachless, on the tiny napkin 'Josh 738-555-8976 text me' She looked around at the few people in the laundry mat with her and threw that last hoodie in. She took her phone out of the pocket of her bag and turned it on as she put the money in the machine and pushed start. She leaned against the dryer behind her, a few new texts from friends, no new calls. Her heart raced as she looked between the phone and the peice of napkin in her hands. 'Should I text him?' She thought. Debating for about five muinets she took a deep breath typing in the number then scrolling down she simply put 'Hi, it's, Isabella.' She pressed send and was on edge waiting for a response. If there would be one. 'What am I thinking? I'm sure he just wanted to get in my pants! I'm sure he won't even text back.'

An hour and two loads of laundry passed, still no text. She sighed opening the Cosmpolitin magazine she brought setting her phone beside her. She feels a vibration, startled at first she looks around then it comes to thought it was her cell phone! As Isabella looked down she saw a text from the number that was on that napkin. She pressed "Veiw Now" and read the message. 'Hey! I was hoping you would text me. Think we could go for coffee?' She bit her lip and replied. 'Can't at the moment, doing laundry.' She frowned really wanting to catch a coffee with him. He replied. 'Well maybe I could bring coffee to you and we could hang out while you do your laundry?' Her blue eyes went wide but her brain made her hands instinctly type back. 'Sure, it's the place just around the corner from the Subway near where you guys are filming.' Isabella was still suprised at how smooth she was holding this conversation. 'I'll be there soon, what type of coffee do you want?' She smiled thinking. 'One of those gingerbread lotae things they just came out with please.' This time he smiled even though she couldn't see him. A few muinets later her washer went off, she moved her coths to the dryer dancing lightlly to the music playing on her Ipod. As she turned around she saw him walking in holding the door for a middle aged woman who smiled at Isabella knowing her well. "Hey Mrs. Tate" The slightly gray haired woman smiled. "Hello Izabella, how are you?" Both Mrs. Tate and Isabella smile, Isabella nodds. "Great, and you?" The woman smiles. "I'm doing good deary." She looks back at Josh and gives him a "Thank you." then continues to an empty table to sort her laundry.

Isabella goes back to throwing her wet cloths into her dryer. Josh comes up behind her leaning against an empty dryer, turning around Isabella gasps. "You scared me! Don't do that!" She smiles as the tall dark haired man hands her her coffee. She turns taking out her earphones with her free hand. "Let me pay you back." Josh stops her. "No, coffees on me." He smiles wide the cute little gap between his two front teeth shows lightly. She tries not to look to interested. She just met him of corse! Thry both walked taking seats near the front windows sipping their coffee watching the traffic in calm silence. Josh sips his coffee. "So, how was your day?" Isabella tilts her head watching a few people walk. "It was okay. Had another meeting, sucked as usual. Visited Dylan for a bit." Josh looks cofused. "Dylan?" Isabella takes another sip of her coffee. "Oh! I'm sorry, well, Dylan is my twin brother." The hazel eyed man smiles. "Ah. Makes sense now. Do you have any plans Friday?" he looks at her seroious. She doesn't look back in fear of getting tounge tied. "Not that I know of, why?" "Just wondering if you wanna get a coffee, I'm free then. We could get to know each other." she smiles. "Well, why don't we start to play 20 questions now?" Josh shrugs. "Sure, why not. You start!" Isabella thinks. "Okay, what's your favorite color?" Josh doesn't even have to think. "Orange, and yours?" Izzy smiles. "I would have to say hot pink." He laughs lightly. "Cute" She laughs a little embaressed but happy with a smerk. "Shut uppp. Ummm. Favorite music genre?" Josh thinks. "Borderline rock, alternative and jazz. Now you." She puts her cup of coffee to her light pink lips and takes a sip then responds. "Alternative, Indie, Stuff like Eyes Set To Kill and My Chemical Romance. Favorite candy?" Josh points excitedly. "Peanut butter cups!" Isabella smiles. "Me to!" They both smile Isabellas dryer goes off, it being her last load she frowns. "Well that's my last load. We should do this again sometime while you're still in town." Josh nodds. "We should, mind if I walk you home?" Isabella nodds her light hair moving side by side. "Not at all." After she puts all her laundry back in her bag the two set off. "Well, I'll see ya around?" Josh smiles and nodds, she watches him walk off then makes her way inside after he's out of site.