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She told me what happened and I understood; I had known her for what seemed like forever. Although I don't have Schizophrenia I have known her long enough to understand it. But I'm not without my problems either.

Name: Charlotte A. Brown

DOB: 05/01/1996

Age: 15

Admission: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa.

Color: Green

ID Number: 0003356548

She came in and hugged me, which was like a ritual, and it was my fault. We separated and hugged five more times. I have this thing with the number five; everything I do has to be in fives. It just has to be, no exception. My OCD isn't why I'm green though, my eating disorder is. They have to watch me an hour after meal times or I will find a way to bring it up. Even when they are watching I still try... I have to be skinny. I just don't understand their obsession with making me eat. Food is disgusting, it makes you fat. Who wants to be fat forever? Certainly not me. So whenever they turn their backs I'm doing what I need to do (in fives at that). My parents just couldn't handle my dire need to throw up after eating.

Why not just be Anorexic? Because I have so little self-control, I let my urges drive me to the point I give in. So I go without eating until I can't anymore then I just eat and eat and eat and eat and eat. At this point I feel gross, fat and sick. So I throw it up and feel much better; and the cycle starts over. Scarlett knows everything about me, just like I know everything about her. It's almost like we are connected in some way, sometimes we scare ourselves.

"So, what's going on?" She looked at me and shrugged.

"I don't know, we could go get Alex and go for a walk." She smiled and gave me a funny look.

"Ok, well, we have to go the back way and sneak over to the boys' dorms, then out south wing back door." She knew I liked Alex and always felt the need to bring him up.

"Well duhh." I knew she knew the way, but I always liked saying it just to make sure we were on the same page.

"Don't be rude." I smiled but said it in an offended voice. She stuck her tongue out at me and pulled my hand out the door. There were no cameras here, and for a reason we'll never know. Silently she pulled me down the dull hall until I wriggled it free from her grasp. She motioned me down the halls and around corners; even though I could go through here with my eyes closed.

I stopped and closed my eyes in the middle of the hallway; I felt dizzy, light, like I was going to fade into mist. Scarlett turned around and I felt her grab my waist and instantly the flashbacks came. I felt sick, she felt sick. I knew she did; because I wouldn't feel this way if she wasn't remembering. I watched him hurt her, I saw it happen. When she starts to remember I do too, we don't know why. She knew what was happening, she knew why I stopped. Even though he never touched me; he made me watch. For years I've wondered why he hurt her and not me; I would have taken her place. Why did she have to endure this pain? Why didn't I run for help? Questions poured into my head and the pictures and visions flowed through.

Her voice was a harsh whisper and I had hardly heard her.

"Come ON Char were going to get caught." I felt the hiss in her voice, the panic and irritation. Opening my eyes tears dripped onto her shoulder.

"Why? Why you Scarlett?" My voice was cracking and her face was set into a hard line.

"Stop it, right now, let's go." I nodded and brushed away the tears; we stepped into the hall and knocked on the first door we saw; room 834, Alexander Polson and Garrett Minnery. Scarlett knocked four times and I couldn't help it. I quickly added a knock, she rolled her eyes and the door opened. There was Alex, gorgeous Alex, smiling.

"Couldn't help but add that last knock, eh?" I smiled and blushed into my shoulder. His sandy blonde hair and baby blue eyes made me melt.

"Mhmm." Scarlett shoved me in the door or I would have stood there all day looking at his perfect smile.

"I swear Char, you want to get caught." I scrunched my face and made an unapproved noise.

He laughed and shook his head,

"You're cute; you know that?" I smiled, we always flirted but he hadn't asked me out yet. It kinda bothered me.

"Ok you two, that's quite enough." She had her arms crossed and was not exactly in the best mood. Her green eyes seemed to glow on their own and her black hair surrounded her face, contrasting the look significantly.

"Oh hush up, so Alex, you wanna go for a walk with us?" He nodded and grabbed his coat; then shut the door behind us.

I know you must be thinking "where are the adults! Isn't this a guarded place?"; and oddly enough we thought it too. Where do they go all the time? Why don't they watch us closer? Why aren't there cameras? But, some things we just don't know. And besides; we aren't complaining.

Alex's hand stopped me in mid-thought; we heard a door open and it wasn't one of the dorms. I felt my heart panic and jump into my throat. He pushed us behind a corner and peered over. After he felt it was safe we booked it for his room. Shutting the door quietly, I went over to his bed and sat down, Scarlett in the corner.

"Did you see anything?" He nodded solemnly and sat down next to me.

"A teacher came out of the door, but it was the door to the basement. Why are the staff in the basement? I always wondered where they were this time of day. We are in our rooms from after class till dinner. Haven't you ever wondered why?" I looked at him; mind reader much?

But more importantly; why was that teacher in the basement?