"Damn that infernal witch!" Mystic cried as he paced back and forth in his bedchamber.

Errol watched with slight amusement as his friend grew more and more agitated with each passing moment. Although Mystic hated to admit it, he was helplessly in love with the huntress. Running a freckled, calloused hand through his blue-tinted hair, Mystic growled in frustration.

"She has the nerve, the gaul to spit in my face! My face! You'd think she would at least be grateful for rescuing her from that hellish life she was determined to live-"

"Grateful?" Errol repeated. "She was perfectly satisfied with her life the way it was, Mystic. Why should she be grateful to her captor for being taken from it?"

Mystic shook his head and glared at the harmless wood floor beneath his feet. "I'm perfectly attractive, Errol. She should've fallen for me-"

Errol interuppted his friend's self-absorbed speech with outrageous laughter. Wrapping his muscular arms around his abdomen, the brown-haired man doubled over and laughed to the ground. "Of all the egotistical, outrageous lies I've ever heard!" Errol cried in between fits of laughter.

Mystic glared at the man bursting with laughter, a sharp egde to his gaze. He hated being taken for a fool, and he hated being called self-absorbed even more, despite it's being completely true.

"You know nothing," he spat as he walked out of the room. The door to her cell rattled Inferno awake; she sat up and stared groggily at the black door that loomed tauntingly before her. Shaking her head and blinking furiously, the girl rested her shoulders against the icy stone wall. The cold seeped through her impractical, low-cut peasant shirt and into her bones, causing her to shiver.

Stealing a glance at her hair, Inferno shook her head again. What she wouldn't do for a hairbrush right now...

"Gods above, you idiots!" an outraged voice shouted from the other side of the cell door. "Are you the offspring of Embaras? Get up, get up!"

The sound of keys jingling alerted Inferno and she repositioned herself against the wall. Wiping the smirk off her face, she placed a look of boredom on her lips instead. The door slammed against the cell wall with a crash, it's noise resounding in both Inferno and Mystic's ears.

"Good morning, sir captor. I trust you slept well," Inferno said with a wicked smirk.

Mystic's eyes clouded with rage as he stared straight into Inferno's glowing orange-gold eyes. Her eyes looked smartly up at him, shaped like a cat's and surrounded by dainty golden eyelashes, and they awakened a ravenous hunger inside him. His stomach whirled with lust and he quickly shook his head to try and clear his thoughts.

"You tricky little witch!" he snarled.

Inferno smirked, but immediattely gave her captor an innocent smile. "Am I not a whore any more?"

Mystic growled in anger and raced to the huntress's side. In a flash, he pinned her neck to the cold cell wall and dug his fingernails into her flesh. "I demand respect, Inferno, and I will have it even if I have to torture you for it."

"A little overpossesive, aren't we?" the girl wheezed.

"Not the slightest," Mystic hissed before ruthlessly hitting Inferno's head on the stone wall. The girl's eeys widened substantially and she helplessly grasped at empty air before her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted.