Hello, readers,

I sincerely apologize for the ridiculous inactivity. I cannot believe it's been 3 years since I last updated Lacuna Oneiric, and 2 years since Daggerpoint Grove. The long and short of it: I have just been busy-with work, moving into my own home, working on other projects that have required a great deal of my energy, etc. I've really only had the time and energy to juggle two writing projects these days, and I'm sorry if it's felt like I've abandoned Lacuna Oneiric-because I haven't! I've been steadily building it up again behind the scenes to make the story stronger, only making some small changes; not necessarily a re-write, but I am adding a couple new things into the story and the relationships between the characters-particularly Luke and Claire. Every time I feel well enough to take it on, I lose my drive/hit a block within just a paragraph of writing it. Maybe that means I'm losing my motivation for the story, but I don't feel so; every time I revisit Luke and Claire's story, I WANT to see it through, I instantly get motivate to work on it. I think my main problem when it comes to this story is execution, finding the words to convey what is happening-which happens all the time at some point in my writing. It is pretty much the same struggle as with DaggerPoint Grove; its plot has recently gone through a new "work shop" with a slightly new premise that's more fleshed out.

But in short, I just wanted to say that I am not dead, and Lacuna Oneiric is not dead! It's just taking a really long time to get on the up-and-up, but when it returns, it is going to be better than ever and worth the wait-I hope! So stick around and keep an eye on your email notifications for the return of Claire and Luke ;)

Until next time!