the rain falls

just like the tears from my eyes.

the rain pools

just like my blood on the floor

for gods sake

i can't do anything right.

i even fail at killing myself.

i. am. a. failure.

but this time i'll get it done.

it'll be done right this time.

no cutting or pills.

no. only the gun.

i'm broken.


why do i find this so funny?

i fail at life. thats hilarious to me.

no, i don't fail at life.

it's death i fail at.


i really suck.

trust me.

it's my time.

haha. look at me.

i'm very fucked up.

i cut.

i drink.

i overdose.

i'm anorexic.

i'm a stereotypical emo.

and it's damn fine with me.

it hurts so fucking bad.

i'm so ready to die.

thanks to everyone who fucked with my life.

it means a lot to me.

you're the ones who killed me.

and i can't thank you enough.