"Why?" a boy with short black hair asked looking towards his mother who was hiding her face behind a mask. "It's what the queen wishes, Zero," answered his mother motioning the small eight year old to a large countrywide gate. A guard stood by the entrance to the other side and nodded seeing them approach. Zero looked up in wonder, his dark blue eyes widened in wonder at the size of the gate. It rivaled the size all the skyscrapers in the world. He wondered how long it has been there all his life and looked at the guard with curiousity. The raven was pushed through the entrance without a chance to say goodbye to his mother. "Moo…" he tried to speak before a mask covered his face and a cloak thrust into his arms.

"Welcome to your new life. You don't speak. You only obey, understand?" ordered the same guard guiding the child through a beautiful garden world. This side of the gate was complete opposite from the side the raven was born on. His home stayed in a broken ruined world of fallen skyscrapers and rubble streets. "What is this place?" asked Zero in wonder and amazement. A hand met with the side of his face and he stepped back in shock and pain. "You can't talk. You only obey," repeated the guard grabbing one of his arms and pulling the child along. Blue eyes saw big strange buildings and some other people like him walk by. He wanted to speak again but decided against it remembering the rules quickly.

They kept walking in silence finally reaching a large castle stained with red and black. White roses grew around it, some dripping red liquid into the moat that surrounding the building. Another guard saw them and lowered the bridge to greet their arrival. No sound came from any of them as they continued inside. Silence suffocating the child, he opened his mouth to speak before entering a spacious throne room. His mouth close and his blue eyes stared enthralled at the beautiful being sitting on the throne with a bored look upon their face. Piercing dark grey eyes looked down to the new servant and the girl laughed. "Yes, I am the Red Queen," she introduced herself smiling deviously. "Welcome to Wonderland."

10 years later-

"Sensei, what is this problem asking for us to do?" a student asked with a raised hand confused. The black haired teacher face palmed himself before walking over to the student and explaining the steps again. 'Why on earth can these kids not understand this?' he thought to himself annoyed. One of the girl students nearby squealed happily shouting out," Oh my goddess, Shizou is in town again." More girls squealed happily with her before noticing their teacher's glare.

"The fact one of the great heroes is in town does not excuse any of you to just drop your assignments," he announced to the class knowing that they were going to do exactly that later. 'Brats' His blue eyes glanced at the blue sky outside letting a sad sigh escape his lips. A bell rang for school to end bringing him back to reality. "Alright, I except at least half of that completed," he ordered his students as they rushed out to see the heroes.

The heroes were a group that apparently saved the whole world from some evil organization trying to use a nuclear source found in the ruins outside the city. "Everything is different now," Zero reminded himself hearing his friend step inside the classroom.